SUMMER 2018 - 5 places to dine under trees (1/3rd done)

When I think of summer, I think of lush gardens and beautiful scenery and sweeping landscapes and treetop canopies.  I'll take any opportunity to enjoy a little bit of nature as a part of all my urban outings!  So when I was thinking of what I could recommend to visitors of Ottawa to truly get the most out of their time in the city, I thought of the pleasure of dining under a trees!  It might not be a unique experience to this city but I was wondering - is this something that you'd normally seek out?

But if you knew you could get this experience along with great food - would you say no?

I know I wouldn't!  So I'm hoping that this post will inspire some readers to seek out this outdoor dining experience:

Metropolitain Brasserie (photo) is a no brainer with it's lovely lounge sets in a sunken courtyard visible to all who pass by on Wellington/Rideau.  It's flanked by McKenzie Avenue and Sussex, with access on the north east side corner being level.  All other corners provide access by stairs.  You can enjoy your meal under the dappled shade of honey locust trees (which are a great urban tree with a high tolerance to drought and salt).  Order something traditional like a Nicoise salad or a Moules & Frites plate during "Hill Hour" (from 4 to 7) along with one of their popular Champagne Cocktails.

Voyageurs Cafeteria at the Museum of History (photo) - The Voyageurs Cafeteria boasts a southern-facing patio that offers views of Parliament Hill.  The patio tables are interspersed between Cherry/Crabapple Trees that bloom in late spring.  It's only open for breakfast or lunch (until 3 p.m.) but offers pastries, salads and grilled food, options for vegetarians and even a Beavertail if you so crave!  (One of the Wild. Here. downtown nature spots!)

Market Courtyard (need) - Clarendon Lane and the Courtyard are charming pedestrian spots with  Moscow Tea Room has it's own private patio tucked around a corner

Parliament Pub (need) - their Open Air Social Club on Thursday evenings are a great way to spend a late summer's night (starts at 11 pm)

???? new place on Major's Hill - another pop up patio like the one on the canal

Mexican on Elgin

The Keg Manor - they have a patio on the west side

4th Avenue Winebar

St. Eloise

Patios on Somerset St. between Bank and

Some coffee shops also:

Bridgehead (Beechwood)

Parkette in front of St. Charles

Westboro gelato - cafe (photo)

Tea on the Lawn:

Gatineau Park

Billings Estate

West near Almonte (by a stream)

Patio - Rooftops (Elgin St (Shopify), ANDAZ, new one on St. Laurent, 240 Sparks, one at Slater/Albert???)

Cafe St. Elois (like in treetops)

Hotel Patio on Highway 16 (five gorgeous gardens to dine in???)

Manotick has nice private courtyard plaza by gardens

Quiet spots to meet up for a take away coffee (formal gardens in agriculture farm, supreme court garden by water, rockcliffe village green - hedges, byward market courtyard)

Back patios:

My cafe house

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