My Weekly Dose of Wild (2015): up close and personal


Last week was busy with calls and emails and confirmations and lots of writing.  This week it is cloudy and rains every. single. day.  I haven't gotten out to take any photos so I scrounge around for photos from previous walks, previous outings.

It seems that it's hard to make nature a priority even though it's right out my door.

I think as I alluded to in my March post, maybe I am too busy and too distracted.  Maybe life is simple and cozy in here and messy and unpredictable out there.

But unpredictable might be good.

For work there is so much coordination, so many balls to juggle and it's all done in front of a computer screen.  My eyes focused on a small screen less that two feet away.

Mind you, I can't complain about the work I do and where I get to do it.  I am seriously lucky in many ways to work at home (no commute, no inter-office politics, great office mate (my cat!) and easy access to food... ok maybe that's not a plus!) but there are some things that I need to watch.  I need to remind myself to get up and move, to take a break, to get outside and to connect.

If I'm not even going outside daily for the office commute, it can be even harder to make time to breathe some fresh air, get away from my desk and allow eyes a healthy refocus on more distant objects.  Something outside the house.  Something away from the glowing computer.

But the day goes by so quickly even when it starts at six.

I get up early to start the day off with some meditation and a relaxed quiet breakfast with a view of our backyard.  But then once I sit down at my desk, time escapes from me and I look up after a few different tasks and I'm surprised it's almost three.  And all I did was take a quick break to grab something to eat around noon.

Many times I think - what's the use?  Why get out there when everything is the same or I don't see anything different?  But maybe some sun on the face and a flash of blue is just the remedy after thousands of typed black characters and overly familiar rooms and maybe if I look a little closely, I'll see some surprising things or perhaps some inspiring views.  I'm always delighted when I go out for a walk with a friend or tour around a new city, so why is it so hard to get out during the week by myself, near my own home?  Is it unfamiliar spots that allow me to take things in with fresh eyes?  Am I more relaxed on the weekends and/or when I'm with friends?  How is it that it's such a joy to get out sometimes and other times it's a chore?  What is it that I need to motivate myself?  Perhaps I need to create a sort of treasure hunt for myself for when I'm outdoors.  Either a location to go and check out or a specific item that I could try to find.  Graffiti could be one of them.  Birds in surprising hide-outs could be another. I just need to start a list....

Truly, there IS so much to see, especially if I approach this urban nature discovery in a fresh way.  My mother would always suggest that I get outside to improve my mood and help shift my perspective.  I think it's time to take my mother's advice:

It's time to get outside!

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