My Weekly Dose of Wild (2015): out and about naturally


I like getting out and being active.  It's one way I can get my dose of nature without trying too hard.  Just put on some jogging shoes and walk out the door.  If you have a regular practice you find that you end up enjoying this incredible backdrop to your activity.  You can choose different routes and give yourself a variety of landscapes and with the seasonal change you can appreciate the greenery at different stages and the varying flowers and stages of natural areas.  It's great being out and seeing so many other active people: those enjoying a stroll, cyclists on bikes whizzing by and when I get out by the water - there's kayakers and rowing crews.

I'm not that much of a early dawn riser.  I usually get up around seven and can handle a six o'clock wake up call every once in awhile.  But to truly enjoy a "dawn chorus" from our feathered friends it's a monumental effort.  But when I have peeled myself from the comforts of bed while it still is dark outside, the reward has been completely worth it. This melodious love serenading is greatest in the early spring so you may find it lasts longer (and you don't have to get up so early!) but as the weeks go by and pairs of birds mate up it starts to get less and less.  And then there's that day in mid-summer where all of a sudden you realize that the sounds of breeding birds has been replaced with the constant drone of cicadas.  You know that sound - like some strange high-pitched electrical sound that never stops?  That's the signal that summer is in full force.

Another short-lived event (unlike the cicadas) are the spring ephemerals that I find sometimes even more lovely than May tulips.  I love how they seem casually strewn along the parkway grasses and unexpectedly decorate forest floors.  From snow-drops to crocuses to scilia or trillium - they are such a lovely pop of colour that helps to kindly wake me up out of winter hibernation.

Mornings are a nice time of day to enjoy the city.  The streets are quiet and the air is cool and the sunlight has this lovely quality to it, so soft and gentle in these early hours.  I find it's just usually me and some dog walkers and a bunch of busy squirrels, that get startled from their focused tasks and scurry to a safer place to check you out.  It's like a morning meditation without the frustration of an unfocused mind and a prescribed pose that feels too rigid in some ways.

And you can even run into fun friends that are out for their daily waddle.

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