My Weekly Dose of Wild (2015): long summer days


The longest day of the year has just passed.  I had hoped to really immerse myself in these long days and take advantage after work, getting out and enjoying opportunities to be outside.  But it just hasn't happened.  No long bike rides, no evening swims, no plays in the park and no urban nature adventures - hiking until 9 pm.  But there have been some stolen moments:

- enjoying a fresh fruity smoothie in the morning sun last week (but it was during the morning hours not the evening hours)
- sitting outside and watching the busy activity in the backyard (a cardinal and two juveniles were visiting in a tree)
- driving to a local park for a hike around a small lake which turned into ice cream in Chelsea (great seats on the back lawn)
- a few walks in the neighborhood to check out street parties including one that had a disco band (still playing in the rain)
- hanging out with my spouse on the back deck while he is bbqing dinner (this week it included sipping on a dark and stormy)
- a walk through the downtown market, enjoying the small cobblestone courtyards with summer flowers and al fresco diners

and tomorrow I'm hoping for good weather to join friends on a patio for an evening drink.

So while not full evening activities, these stolen moments have at least gotten me out and appreciating the weather and all that summer has to offer.  A breath of fresh air when I find the chance.

Summer is at its height.  Everything is so verdant, fresh and aromatic.  There are so many flowers blooming and fruit ripening.  Warm evenings invite people out to linger.  Summer parks, like the one I was able to photograph earlier this month, offer everything from outdoor movies, to al fresco picnics (from food trucks), to chess games and to early morning Qi Gong. When I took these photos, i was just walking through this spot but even those five/ten minutes really refreshed my outlook.  How can one not be happy when you get to witness this green spot in the city with such long reaches of light making such incredible shadows in the late day.  It's a place to pause.

It's so wonderful to see people out and ever so lovely to be part of those who are lingering.

Happy end of June!

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