Land of the Giants: Vancouver - Canada - Part 2


Here are some other photos from our trip to Vancouver at the end of October.  We felt incredibly lucky to be able to enjoy this city in the autumn season - we enjoyed mild weather, colourful trees and pleasant walks around downtown.  We stayed in the central core and just walked for two day - checking out different neighborhoods (from the Harbour Flight Centre up past Devonian Harbour Park, a little bit along the seawall (but not all around Stanley Park), past the lagoon and down to English Bay Beach.  We also walked through Yaletown, along False Creek, by BC Place and through Nelson's Park).  So many great coffee shops just tucked into all these neighbourhoods!  We also crossed Cambie Street Bridge one late afternoon to visit with a friend living in Mount Pleasant and walked down to Gas Town another mild but foggy evening.  

The other amazing part of our trip (for me) were all the cool sightings of birds while we were there - some photographed but others only captured in our memories including: a heron flying over the bay in the distance, a loon or a grebe diving underwater around the boats in the harbour, a sweet hummingbird above our heads near the water along the Seabreeze walk at Howe Street (it was flitting through the flowers found on the balconies (and we heard it before we saw it!)), more cormorants sunning by the docks behind the convention centre and finally a little junco at my feet as we walked through a community garden.

More big trees and a wall covered in ivy.

Fun activities in the parks.

Logs lined up on the beach to use as resting spots.

 More water features downtown!

Informational signage about Marine Life at the Conference Centre.

Great integration between public and private space.

Chldren's art decorating a fence in a play yard.

The downtown community garden.

More double-lined sidewalks - incredible.

A green roof and great plaza (on top of a coffee stand) on Hamilton Street.

And another green wall!

Thanks for doing this tour of Vancouver with me!

PART ONE "Land of the Giants: Vancouver" HERE.

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