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Listen to Urban Nature Podcasts Outdoors Wild. Here.

My friend and I were talking about the brilliance of podcasts and how they can liven up a walk to work or make a bus commute feel much shorter.  My partner and I listen to "books on tapes" - you know... that old version of podcasts :  )  on long road trips.  And it got me thinking, if there are podcast lovers out there - maybe it would be an easy thing to get your dose of nature by listening to your podcast outside?

Especially with these long warm evenings that our summer offers!
Bonus points if it is under a few trees (both the scenery and scent boost moods!
Extra bonus points if it near a water body (maybe a dock?
Especially if that water body is a waterfall (remember - negative ions?)!!
Relaxing in Nature your Vitamin N Wild. Here.

Obviously it can be any type of podcast - which ever ones are your favourite.  There is even a great list of Ottawa podcasts here collected by JP Davidson of Pop-Up Podcasting which includes the podcast "Small Machine Talks" create by a.m. kozak (from the Rout/e footpress & CSArt Poetry Event) and Amanda Earl.

But just in case you are are looking for same urban nature themed podcasts here are a few recommendations:

Urban Nature Podcasts to Listen to

Interviews & Discussions (one-offs):

99% Invisible's interview with Nathanael Johnson, author of "Unseen City"

Root Simple podcast talking to Lyanda Lynn Haupt about urban wildlife

WBEZ 91.5 Chicago Morning Shift's discussion with Seth Magle from the Urban Wildlife Institute

For the Wild's chat with Diana Beresford-Kroeger, author of "The Call of the Forest"

Or if you want to be inspired by some music and photos - listen to the "Urban Nature Motion Soundscape" music episode that inspired Nex Millen's Urban Nature photography exhibit (2012) and scroll through his shots at the same time!  (Nex Millen: Asheville/Philadelphia)

Top Four Nature Wildlife Podcasts

Specific Podcasts on Wildlife and Urban Nature:

Darwin's Dolls (U.K.) - 14 episodes so far (link to episodes)

Urban Wildlife podcast (link to episodes) Season Two is currently playing!

In Defense of Plants (link to episodes)  (Some that I have bookmarked: 80 - lichens, 78 - bees, 67 - moss, 55 - Ferns, 51 - cemetery prairies, 48 - coffee ecology, 36 - lawns, 14 - urban ecology and native plants)

Nature's Past - 55 episodes so far (link to episodes)
(Check out these episodes: Stanley Park (39) Wildlife (11) Hamilton Waterfront (4) Don River (1) and others!)

This is the Nature of Cities podcast (link to episodes) 2015 - 2016

The Wild Life - 28 episodes (link to episodes) 2015

Discover Wildlife (U.K.) (link to episodes) 2010 - 2014

So here's to the warmer weather, opportunities to be outdoors and the pleasure of a lazy late spring's evening out in your favourite park with your top podcast!

Get Outdoors Do What You Love

What's your favourite podcast?

Do you listen while going for a walk or take a podcast break on a park bench?

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