Three cities (Windsor, Montreal and Detroit) and three levels of wild!

Just wanted to share these three wonderful articles (from the archives) on how people are interacting with nature in their cities:

 -- Photo Credit: Marilène Gaudet --


from Cities for People - Changing our narratives of wild spaces in the city: An interview with Dominique Ferraton and Maia Iotzova (2015)

This provides an overview of a crowdsourcing program that is helping people in Montreal see their wild spaces in a new way.  Love this idea of wild city mapping!

-- Photo Credit: Rebecca Salminen Witt --


from the "boundary organization" The Nature of Cities -Wild in Detroit: Realizing Opportunity in a New Nature (2015)

What I love about this is that Detroit in this transitional period is like a new frontier - it feels like almost anything goes and people are using incredibly creative methods of helping citizens rethink how their city should be and what should be included: such as the wilder parts of nature.

-- Photo Credit: Knowing the Land is Resistance --


from the blog Knowing the Land is Resistance - Last of the Last: Windsor's Savannah and Tall Grass Prairie (2011)

This is a really inspiring Collective that is working on deepening their own and others' connection to Nature (with a capital "N") while strengthening their allyship with the lands - appreciating all that is thriving including: "scrubby hillsides, trash-strewn train track corridors, relic forests speckled with garlic mustard hidden in suburban parks, the poplars growing along highway drainage ditches, the coyotes that roam the golf courses at dawn."

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

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