2017 SEA Loving Our Local - Bike Scavenger Hunt - Enjoy the Balanced Sculpture Rock Art

-- Photo by Viliam Glazduri--

This Rock Sculpture Art has been ongoing at Remic Rapids for almost three decades.  The National Capital Commission has supported the exploratory artist John Ceprano since 2000 and every spring the 70-year old artist carefully rebuilds his sculptures that have been knocked over by high spring waters for visitors and locals to enjoy.  This is a beautiful spot especially at sunset.

Balanced rock sculpture can be seen all over the world being created by various people.

From the artist:

"They are built in harmony with the spectacular natural setting and is a gathering place, drawn by its social, historical, and aesthetic-meditative environment."

This area of the Ottawa-Outaouais-Kitchissippi River is the DeschĂȘnes Rapids and it is at the eastern end of  Lac DeschĂȘnes which is a 44 kilometer long widening of the river that stretches to Fitzroy Harbour.  This area is popular for many migrating birds and water fowl (*dabbling and diving) and you will even seen some in the winter in this area.

Come back the weekend of August 5th and 6th for music, dance, circus art performance that will celebrate the nature that is inspiring such creativity along the riverbanks.  (Ottawa 2017 event)

*Dabbling = feeding along the surface of the water or tipping headfirst underwater to forage

-- The sculptures in the winter --

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