My Weekly Dose of Wild (2015): the calm after the storm



It's inevitable at some point but this summer it seems like a deluge.  I forget what sun is like.  I'm sure soon enough, we'll be boiling under the rays and wishing for clouds but right now it feels like we'll never be dry or enjoy the warm sun again.  Last year I went on a couple of evening walks just after the rain had past and found it was such a great time to get outside.  The air was fresh and dewy and a walk was just what I needed to get re-energized after being cooped up indoors.  I think that's what I need right now - to at least get out and enjoy what is.

After sheltering from a storm, lots of creatures do the same - venture out, stretch their wings, legs, paws and some peek out after the raindrops have subsided and quickly skedaddle to higher and or drier grounds.  This includes worms.  I've always had a soft spot for those sweet earthly creatures. As a young kid, I would try to rescue them off the asphalt and move them back into green spaces. They relocate when the ground gets water-logged as they can't breathe in the rain soaked earth.  Or something as simple as a spider's web can be hung with intricate raindrop jewels after a grey day with soft dewy inclement weather.  And it's great to be out after a storm passes, when birds can get back to business, sounding alarm calls, scouting out for insects and other food and moving through the landscape after having spent their time huddle in dry spots amongst trees and other shelter.

It seems that we can all be a little wrangly after having been holed up in small spaces.  Fresh air, ion-charged fronts, widening horizons and clear skies offer an invitation to move forward and breathe in.

Forget singing IN the rain - I think I'm going to get out and sing AFTER the rain!

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