How did you connect to nature today?

So many of us are busy, feel so rushed, find we are just doing the 9 - 5 grind, that we get frustrated that we don't have time to connect with nature.  We know it's good for us but that knowledge is not enough to help us prioritize this nature dose of "Vitamin N" in our weekly lives.  It can be quite a drag to feel like you are always in the concrete jungle, but there are many ways you can get your daily dose of nature.  You may even be surprised with how many ways you already DO connect with nature every single day.

Perhaps you noticed a bee buzz by or maybe you gazed at the clouds overhead or it could just be that you took off your shoes and felt the grass for a moment in the park at lunch today.  Here's some other wonderful ways you might have connected with nature:

- scanning the tree line as you drive to work

- taking in the scent of the spring blossoms

- hearing the distinct call of a raptor overhead

- stopping one minute to take in a green view out the window

- savouring the last morcel of your cherry pie dessert

- noticing the cool breeze on your face

- appreciating the design of a living edge countertop

- enjoying the feeling of sunlight on your legs

- pausing a moment to pick up a leaf from the ground

- chopping up vegetables for a family meal

- relaxing to the sound of a stream on your meditation cd

- holding out your hand to catch a few raindrops

It may only be a couple of seconds or it could be a few long minutes but the more you stop and enjoy those small nature breaks, the more these moments can actually become those pleasurable stolen moments that happen each and every day.  It's really about how present we are in the moment - whether we let it refresh us or whether nature stays as a backdrop to our busy days and unending to do lists.  Nature is all around us and it's actually difficult to avoid.

Start by breathing in slowly and deeply as you fully take in the moment.

Stop what you are doing (unless it's driving a car!) and be present.

Check in with all your five senses - connecting with each, one at a time.  

Slowly this finer awareness of the accessibility of urban nature can grow.  Maybe you'll start noticing the changes of the seasons more, or a gratitude for the abundance of vibrant colours in your daily life will expand.  The hope is that through this deeper presence your moments of nature interaction will grow and you'll feel less nature-deprived over time and see more opportunities to add nature in simple and small and possibly even more enriched ways every day.

So tell me how did you connect to nature today?

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  1. I am sitting by my southeast facing window, listening to the rain coming down outside. The trees are just letting go of some leaves, I see them flutter down sporadically, signaling what is more to come. I love this cooler, reflective time of Autumn!

  2. Jen,

    Your view of nature sounds so beautiful and contemplative. Love how you captured this moment! Autumn is such a great time of year. Thanks so much for popping by and leaving a comment.