Treat Yourself - the Wild Way (Part Two)

Earlier this summer I started a list of ways to treat yourself in terms of free nature outings that are both mental and physical health boosters.  How amazing is it that these "feel good" options are free and as easy as walking out your door to seek out these nature pick-me-ups?

The first five "Treat Yourself - the Wild Way" ideas are here and they include local spots in Ottawa where you can indulge yourself in all the benefits that nature has to offer.  And below are the other five suggestions that you can pursue, right now as the warm weather continues and even into the fall when being outdoors is invigorating and colourful.  Tell me what other ways you treat yourself to nature doses during your day!

Engage your full body
Try an activity where you can indulge in the sensation of movement. Get on your bike to feel the apparent wind as you ride or dive into a pool, lake or river to enjoy gliding through the cool inkiness of the water.  These summer sensations are not to be missed!

Photo Credit: by Viliam Glazduri (InstagramFlickr500 pxContributing Creative to Wild. Here.

Seek out the gift of green
A vision of verdant earthy green tones can actually boost your spirits.  Think of it as a real life "Breathing Space" two-page spread from O's pages.  Any type of leafy view can relax you and lift your mood and even help you reboot after a stressful event.  Can you feel the calm?

Go on an early morning walk
Indulge in the cool and calm part of the day and watch the world as it wakes up around you.  It may take some extra effort to rouse yourself from your bed but getting outdoors can be just the caffeine-free energizer you have been seeking.  Stretching your legs even if it's just around the block gets you outside and connected to the wider IRL world (especially if you are work-at-home entrepreneur).

Walk barefoot and/or lay down in the grass
Another one of those summer pleasures that many people enjoy is getting out of their shoes and relaxing in a park.  These fleeting warm summer days offer the opportunity to be outside and barefoot or even taking an afternoon nap under a leafy screen or watching the clouds go by.  Connect directly with the ground's natural electric field and soak up the energy (also know as "earthing"). We can't do this once the colder weather sets in.

Photo Credit: by Viliam Glazduri (InstagramFlickr500 pxContributing Creative to Wild. Here.

Take advantage of the long days of summer
This is the perfect month to get out in the evening during the golden hour of the day.  Bring your camera with you and experiment with the soft rays that make everything seem to glow.  By the end of September, the sun will be setting before 7:00 pm so enjoy these extended North American daylight hours and soak up some extra serotonin while you can!

Link for Part One of Treat Yourself - the Wild Way.

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