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I grew up with a river behind my house. It was a shallow less-than-navigable back channel around an island, which made it more like a wildlife reserve than a recreational channel.  The other side of the island had the deep navigable channel with motor boats and the like, so we were lucky to enjoy the quieter side and idyllic backdrop to our village setting. It was a great opportunity to appreciate local birds and aquatic animals and also quite the draw for mammals as a water-source. There would be the occasional brave and intrepid canoeist or kayaker (especially in the early summer when water levels were higher) and also visits from local fisherman in search of those few deep spots for fishing holes. For us the water wasn't for swimming but rather to wade or play (create dams and ponds with the rocks) in the shallowest parts.

As an adult, I used to row both on the Ottawa River and in the states on a recreational team.  I miss those early morning and after work rows.  But I haven't been able to fit it into my schedule for many years now. Now-a-days, getting out on the water depends on organizing a special trip to enjoy navigating one of the various channels in the city, whether streams, rivers or canals.  Over the years, we have gotten out on my parent's canoe a couple of times, I've also been able to rent a kayak on the Rideau River and I've tried stand-up paddleboarding at Petrie Island. I've even done both tourist water rides in the last few years just to get my water fix.  "Both" meaning the boatline cruises along the canal and the Ottawa River. While more historical and scenic, than about natural history, it was still amazing to see the city from a different vantage point and to be out in the open air, cruising along.

Water Rentals in the City of Ottawa 2017 Wild Here

I'm hoping to get out for another SUP adventure before the summer is over.  And the big plans for next year will be to kayak or canoe in early summer whether around Duck Island or perhaps in Petrie when water levels are higher and accessing various inlets is easier. (My friend even talked about how she SUP-ed through the woods (to help with a spring clean-up day) and how wild it was to be traversing between the trees - almost like being in the bayou.) : )

Since I do not own a water craft myself and I don't foresee buying one in the near (or far) future,  I wanted to see what all the water craft rental options in the city are, so I've done some research on various options in the city (on both the Ontario and Quebec side).  Owning a kayak or SUP just doesn't work for my lifestyle in terms of storage needs and transportation options right now.  (I have heard great things about inflatable kayaks but for now a big purchase like that won't be happening.)

Rent Stand Up Paddle Boards on Rideau River Ottawa

Kayaking and SUPing on Rideau River Ottawa Water Sports

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a Great Sport Ottawa Canada

Perhaps you are interested in renting a water craft also? 

It's a great time to get out and enjoy being on the water and some of these businesses even offer rentals into the autumn season.

Could be a very fun way to take in the colours of the changing leaves?  

So here is what I found below.  Please remember to consult individual business and municipal websites to confirm times, prices, etc as they may change by month or by season.  As mentioned, some rental operations shut down as of September while others continue to offer rentals on the weekends after Labour Day.  (This information was gathered in late July 2016.)

Want something a bit more low key?  Find out the central Ottawa public dock locations here.

where to rent a stand up paddle board in Ottawa

Centre de plein air du Lac-Leamy

Location (Central - Quebec Side): 100, rue Atawe (ancien chemin du Lac-Leamy), voisin du Réno-Dépô

Municipality Website (en Francais) (call to find out exaction location of rental building)

Summer Hours: 9 am to 9 pm

Travel/Parking: parking available off of Atawe Street, also bike paths leading to and around Lac Leamy, STO Transit (weblink)

Cost: $15/hour for 2-P kayaks, canoes and SUP $13/hour for 1-P kayak

*Cash only (they will take small denomination of bills up to $20 - nothing higher)

Britannia Village and Beach SUP Rentals in Ottawa

Kite Life SUP Rentals

Location (West - Britannia): 275 Britannia Rd

Business Website (contact info, etc.)

Summer Hours:  Mon-Fri: 12-6, Saturday: 11-7, Sunday: 11-6

Travel/Parking: street parking available, also bike paths close-by and parking at Britannia Park 

Cost: 1.5 Hours - $20, 2 Hours - $25 (then $5 each additional hour)

*Rent two boards and get 15% off

Kayaks SUP Peddle Board Tourist Location in Ottawa

Dow's Lake Watercraft Rentals

Location (Central): 1001 Queen Elizabeth Drive (at Dow's Lake Pavillion)

Business Website Link (contact info, etc)

Summer Hours: 10:00 - 8:00 pm every day

Travel/Parking: pay parking lot across street, OC Transpo (weblink), bike trail along the canal

Cost (per hour): S.U.P. ($16), peddle boats ($15), canoe ($16), 1-P kayak ($16) 2-P kayak ($20)

There is a $20 deposit needed for rentals here.

Best Place to Get on Water in Ottawa

Ottawa SUP

Location (South): 1314 Bank Street near Billings Bridge

Business Website Link (contact info, etc)

Summer Hours: 11:00 - 6:00 pm (later on weekdays)

Travel/Parking: street parking, OC Transpo - Bank Street buses (weblink), bike trails and links along Rideau River (both sides) - walk bike across bridge

Cost: $15 or two hour for $20

* You can also rent the board and take somewhere else ("Takeaway" rentals)

Five Best Places to Rent Kayaks in Ottawa

Rideau Rowing & Paddling

Location (South): 253 Winding Way near the Vimy Memorial Bridge

Business Website Link (contact info, etc)

Summer Hours: Noon to 6 pm, Thursday through Monday (starting July)

Travel/Parking: parking at the Chapman Mills Conservation Area off Winding Way, OC Transpo (weblink) - buses go across the bridge

Cost (per hour): 1-P kayak ($20), 2-P kayak ($30), sit on top kayak ($15), SUP ($20)

* RRP plans on introducing rowing lessons and rentals in 2017!

Where Can I Rent By the Water In Ottawa SUP Kayak

City of Ottawa Beach Rentals

Three locations for SUP rentals in east and west end and central (see below)

City of Ottawa Webpage (contact info, etc)

Summer Hours: 10:30 - 7:00 pm (later on week days)

Cost: $20/hour
Britannia Beach (2805 Carling Avenue)
Travel/Parking: Free Parking, bike paths to Britannia Beach along parkway, OC Transpo route

Mooney’s Bay (2926 Riverside Drive)
Travel/Parking: Pay Parking, bike paths along Rideau River and Canal, OC Transpo route

Petrie Island Beach (727 Trim Road)
Travel/Parking: Pay Parking, bike path to Petrie Island,
Summer OC Transpo route to Petrie Island
*The rentals are only available in the summer while life guards are working.

Great Place to see Turtles Otters Herons Urban Nature in Ottawa

Oziles Marina & Rental

Location (East): 1009 Trim Road (Orleans) @ Petrie Island

Business Website Link (contact info, etc)

Summer Hours: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm

Travel/Parking: Pay Parking, bike path to Petrie Island, Summer OC Transpo route to Petrie Island

Cost (per hour): Rowboat ($15), Canoe ($15), 1-P Kayak ($15), 2-P Kayak ($18) Peddle Boats ($15) SUP ($20)
$10 for each additional hour except for SUP

* For the past two years there have been Groupon coupons available for discounted rentals.

Those are the rental options that I have found.  Does anyone know of any on the Quebec side either downtown in Jacques Cartier park or possibly further out near Parc La Baie, Rue Saint Louis or Parc Sanscartier?  There are some marinas but they do not seem to offer rentals.  There used to be a Meet-Up group that would launch from Rue Jacques-Cartier to paddle around Kettle Island but the event is not being organized any more.  There may be some options in Aylmer.  I haven't checked there yet as I don't consider it as central as Jacques Cartier - downtown Gatineau area.  One option to check annually is the Explorez Le Quebec website's "Activités nautiques - Gatineau" page to see if any new options have been added.

A good place to drown any sorrows due to the fact there is limited rentals options to access the water on the Quebec side is the Taverne P'Tit Canot on Rue Main just up from the Outaouais River (that's the Ottawa river for us on the south side!)

Also I'm only including rentals by the water - you can rent from MEC (scroll down to Gear Rentals: Watersports Gear includes - SUP, Kayak, Canoe) but have to have a car to get the water craft to your preferred location.

Kayak Stand Up Paddleboard Rentals by the Water

Great Place to Rent by the Water in Ottawa

Calm Waters for Watercraft Rentals in the City

Wild. Here. Extras

You can also take SUP classes with:

Rideau Canoe Club (804 Hogs Back Road)

Paddle Fit (classes at Bate Island, Britannia Yacht Club, Jacques Cartier Park, Lac-Leamy, Aylmer Beach)

Ottawa Sport and Social Club (partnering with Paddlefit in a central location)

If a guided adventure is of interest:

Evasion Plein Air (Water Expeditions): they offer French tours to Duck and Kettle island!

Tours Expẽdition Ottawa: canoe the canal or either river (Rideau or Ottawa)

Rent Kayaks SUP Peddleboards on Rideau Canal

Happy Water Exploring!

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  1. It looks like Urban Ocean now has a location downtown at the Ottawa Rowing Club on Lady Grey Drive - contact them to see what they offer (classes, rentals?):