Some great Instagram #UrbanNature Hashtags (including ones for some Canadian Cities!)

If you are out in nature, you may find that you like snapping photos of what you see with your phone.  Or perhaps you take a camera wherever you go.  One of my favourite places to share my photos is instagram (as I mentioned in my Urban Wild Exploring post).  I find it's a super place to locate other nature-lovers and also to scout out great local locations and get inspiration for future photo shoots.

Instagram tags are an easy way to look for people, places, flora & fauna and just generally enjoy sweet shots of the outdoors.

My first go to tags are location hashtags because I love seeing what others have shared in my city.  Here are some top tags for a few Canadian cities:

Also check out the #igers hashtag with your province (i.e. #igersontario) and you may find more photos that way.  You can also search by location (look for "Places" under the search option) which is a nice way to see who else enjoys your favourite city pond or local park!  And don't forget to look at hashtags for your country also:

What instagram tags do you use for other countries and/or cities?

It's neat as well, to be able to connect with other nature lovers no matter where they are.  That's part of the charm of instagram.  You get to see photos from all over the world.  Here are some first-rate urban nature and general nature tags to check out:

  • #urbannature
  • #biophilia
  • #natureandthecity
  • #greenspace
  • #urbanwildlife
  • #backyardwildlife
  • #natureneedsnofilter
  • #nature_obsession
  • #landscapelovers
  • #wildlifeaddicts

And then another option is to hone in on specific aspects of nature such as:

  • #chasinglight
  • #tree_brilliance
  • #treelovers
  • #treescape
  • #insectagram
  • #birdsofinstagram
  • #mistyfoggymilkymoody
  • #aftertherain
  • #theinternetneedsmoreclouds
  • #lookup
  • #cloudscape
  • #skyporn
  • #sky_brilliance
  • #sky_captures

Or try some general tags - you'll still end up finding some excellent nature shots within these ones:

  • #welivetoexplore
  • #urbanvisionaires
  • #thisveryinstant
  • #oftheafternoon
  • #artofvisuals
  • #moodygrams
  • #yellowoclock
  • #inthecity

Just don't forget to tag your own photos as well, so that others can find you!  If you use the more popular tags, more people will be able to see your photos.  If you use tags with smaller stats,  you'll stand out more under that tag.  Some tags have been started by specific people who want to create a community of photographers and they will repost their favourite photos for their community.  By following them and using their hashtag, you could find yourself featured!

What's your favourite part of using Instagram?  

Do you have any tips or tricks for other urban nature lovers who are just starting?

Photos 2 & 4 by Viliam Glazduri (Instagram, Flickr, 500 px) Contributor to Wild. Here.

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