Introducing 52 Weeks of Nearby Nature with Wild. Here.

I've started hearing Gulls and Red-winged Blackbirds and the days are getting longer.  While the leaves are not yet on the trees, leaf buds are getting fuller and pretty soon, I'm sure we'll be hearing Spring Peepers.

I find sometimes that this early spring season can sometimes be difficult to get out in.  It's hard to know what trails are still snow-covered, icy, wet or muddy.  This week, I found myself following a desire path made by dog walkers through the snow and I kept falling through, with the snow being so soft.  But on social media I see that some of the city bike trails are cleared and completely dry.

I guess I'll have to find some southern-facing trails along the lakes and rivers!  I might even take a stroll or two through our national cemetery as the roads there are hardly used and if they are used, it's by slow moving vehicles.  And I know that these roads will be cleared of snow and I won't have to worry too much about mud or ice.  I still remember the first time I found out that people used these types of memorial spaces for jogging and then I followed suit!  Why not?  Quiet paths, many of which are shaded with large trees and no fumes or dust like you'd getting jogging along the roadside.  Brilliant!

The next couple of months are very active ones for wildlife!  

Get some ideas from our Three Places to get up Close and Personal to Wildlife post - the bottom of the post covers what to look out for and where to look in the early spring for wildlife!

Today I'm launching a new series on social media called 
52 Weeks of Nearby Nature.  

There will be a weekly prompt on Instagram to help you think about and connect with the nature that is just outside your doorstep.  The Wild. Here. (as opposed to the Wild out "there" - outside the city.)

Come and join me on social media and let's share our urban nature findings!

Post your photos on either Twitter or Instagram with the 52 Weeks hashtags below and participate in this Wild. Here. experience with others in our urban nature community.  Show us what you find - interesting fauna, beautiful flora, outdoor experiences and amazing scenery... share a small snippet of your weekly dose of nature.  Although it's a photo project, it won't specifically be about getting that great photo or practicing to get the best shot.  The focus for the weekly prompt and photo sharing will be to help all of us to take a bit of time considering what nature means to us and how it fits into our urban lives.  It might even help create touchstones and new routines that will help connect you to nature in a fuller and more frequent way.  And with a gallery full of weekly nature adventures, the inspiration to get out in nature will be right there at our fingertips!

You can join at any time - jump on in and start any week that you want during the year!

And thanks for all your patience as this is the first offering I'm creating on social media - it's going to be fun!

Hashtags: #52WksofNearbyNature #52WksNN #nearbynature #wildhere

- Photo above by Viliam Glazduri (InstagramFlickr500 pxContributor to Wild. Here. -

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