A Walk Along the Thames River in London Ontario - Part One

Spring Blossoms in London Ontario Wild Here Blog

We were lucky enough to get a boost of an early spring this year by going down to London, Ontario.  It's always about a week or two ahead of us in terms of seasons and the extra bonus was a warm sunny day during out April visit!  So Viliam and I went to one of our favourite spots downtown along the Thames River.  Yes, London Ontario also has a Thames River and it has this incredible 40 kilometre multi-use trail along much of its riverfront called the Thames Valley Parkway.

We've enjoyed quite a few walks and jogs along the path from Springbank Park to the downtown.

When we go downtown, we like to park on Becher Street to be able to enjoy Ivey Park and River Forks Park and the water feature from various sides of the river.  We find that Harris Park can get flooded in the spring so it's a great short loop if you cross on Riverside Drive and you get to enjoy some wilder and some more formal parts of the riverfront.

Here is what we saw this April:

Pink Tree Blooms Against Blue Sky Wild Here Blog
-- Spring Blooms against a Blue Sky --

Katherine Forster Capturing Spring Details by Viliam Glazduri
-- Trying to Capture the Pink Blossom Details, photo by V. Glazduri --

Sunny Blue Day in Urban Nature Wild Here Blog
-- The Lovely Citrine Green Hue that Graces Spring Trees --

Trees Like Cotton Candy in London Ontario Wild Here Blog
-- The Cotton Candy Trees Caught My Eye! --

Beautiful Landscaping by Urban Trail Wild Here Blog
-- Pretty Landscaping Beside the Pedestrian Bridge --

-- An Aspiring Photographer that We Met! --

Downtown London Ontario Sunny April Day
-- London (Ontario) Square Along the Thames --

Large Willow Tree in Downtown London with Ducks
-- Two Ducks, One Willow and a Long Multi-Use Path --

Details of Moss and Seeds Urban Nature Wild Here

Part Two is Here - Check out the Wildlife we Saw Also!

It's so much fun to really observe and see the detail.  I'm finding myself fascinated by moss and all the spring blossoms this year.  You've probably seen them popping up on my instagram feed!  And so many of these early season blooms are ephemeral - gone so quickly.  So am enjoying it all while I can.  I'm also trying to note where these trees are in my own city so that I can come back and check them out in a different season.

What are you Enjoying about the Spring this year?

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