Good-bye to Winter

When I first thought of this post a couple of weeks ago, I had just thought of using some photos from my last winter outing and then possibly one last snowshoe excursion also because a friend and I went to this lovely spot (and found some neat graffiti) but as I was downloading my photos I saw others that I wanted to share.  What was great was seeing all the times I did get out and have a bit of time to enjoy the season.  I hope you were able to also!  It's been a busy winter and I haven't been able to give as much time as I wanted to, to this blog.  I hoping that I can dedicate more time in the upcoming months.  Thanks so much for all your understanding and support and here's to the change of seasons!!

A sunny bright February Walk

The day after a big snowstorm

A winter walk to a local waterfall

Beauty in frozen ice

and a surprise sighting on the way home!

A Winter Full Moon Snowshoe 

Although it was so bright we didn't need moon light!

And drinks afterwards - amazing view of lake!

Last X-C Ski of the Season

A snowshoe adventure

 Beautiful sunlight and shadows on snow

 One last winter morning photo op

What was the best part of winter for you?  

Did you get out and find some new locations and discover some incredible scenery, wildlife and or spots?  

Definitely share your best winter experiences below!

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