Urban Gardens that offer Peace & Tranquility

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I recently found out about a garden movement (from the U.K.):

The Quiet Garden movement started in the U.K. through a Christian organization and now has over 300 gardens registered all around the world!
"Quiet Gardens are accessible, friendly and adaptable to local needs, and aim to be places where people can find welcome, stillness and spiritual refreshment. The outdoor space and garden act as both a context and focus, in which to share the inner search for wholeness, natural beauty and silence..."
Everyone is welcome to visit a quiet garden, but do note that some gardens are located on private property, as part of people's homes - so check first before you visit.  Other "private" gardens may be part of a place of worship's landscape such as a part of a cemetery, so see if there are public hours listed.

Quiet Gardens offers visitors "outdoor space for prayer and reflection... and create opportunities for people to experience silence, restfulness and contemplative practices."

On the Quiet Garden website they provide a "Find a Quiet Garden" page so that you can search by specific location or name or even explore by region/country if that helps.

Dappled Shade in Unitarian Garden Urban Retreat

Is there an official Quiet Garden in your city or do you have a favourite spot 
to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city?

Do you have a go to spot where you can drop into some solitude and surround yourself with green?

If you are from Ottawa or visiting the city, read about some lovely gardens - two official Quiet Gardens and some others that offer a quiet spot in the city in our post "Quiet Gardens - finding solitude in the hustle and bustle of the Capital City"

*All quoted italicized text is from the Quiet Garden Movement website.

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