Five ways connecting to Nature can help Creatives

For those who are creative, whether in the arts or with an entrepreneurial lifestyle - burn out is hard to avoid.  Whether it's the highs and lows of successes versus the ever so maddening and teeth nashing slow periods or the hectic-ness of prepping for art shows or speaking events and then the juxtaposition of the incredible quiet after - it may be hard to get back those creative juices and replenish the inspirational tanks afterwards.

I'm guessing that many creatives are probably already instinctively connecting to nature to help recentre themselves and replenish themselves when they are depleted.  And so many of us have heard how unplugging and going for a walk in the woods or along a river path can rejuvenate and even possibly inspire and help refresh those creative juices.

But just in case you're searching for ways to get more out of a nature connection for your own creativity, here are five ways that help me:

Tapping into the Natural Rhythms of the Day, Season or Natural Phases:

Nature is a great reminder of the ebb and flow of life and can help rebalance from extreme highs and lows.  It's this unique blend of calm and peace but also connected-ness that are the perfect balance to level us out and tune us up.  Note the morning sunrise or pay attention to the weather as it changes from month to month.  Start a ritual that welcomes in the new seasons or join in on lunar-cycle groups that plug into the moon's phases.

Find Your Go-To Spot Where you can Recharge and get Refreshed:

Have you ever done meditation where you were asked to picture a natural spot that you love?  This type of visioning brings calm to your mind even when not outdoors.  What levels up an actual excursion outdoors is the immersion of all of your five senses in the natural experience.  The scent of the woods, the fresh air outdoors and the sun's rays all provide that heightened all body experience.  Having a specific go-to spot that is familiar and comforting provides a routine and ritual that your mind and body can easily recognize.  Choose a quiet spot, where you might enjoy the scent of flowers or trees or one that is close to water (where you can benefit from energizing negative ions - see below) or find a great view that lets you take it all in.

Go for a Walk in Nature and Focus on Patterns and Details:

Whether you put pen to paper and are looking to get past writer's block or you are an entrepreneur who wants to create a new product or service, getting out into nature can be a benefit.  Just changing your location and losing yourself in something new can stir the creative juices but the extra benefit to a nature excursion is your immersion in such intricate and rich surroundings.  You will find that the repetitive and mathematical patterns that you can find in nature might help unlock things in your mind.  By focusing on patterns and distracting your brain in this sort of "hide & seek" you can temporarily bypass worries and busy thoughts and provide a rest for your brain.

Use all your senses, allow yourself to see things from different angles and perspectives and try and see things with fresh eyes.  This can translate to other aspects of your life also.

Think Water, Water, Water!

I do find that I'm unconsciously drawn to water - whether it's the desire to walk along a river path or discovering the city's urban docks or it's the enjoyment of rainy days.  (Yes - don't think you can't go out when the weather is bad!  Think of it as your daily "constitutional".  Or at least consider a walk right after a storm has let up - when the air is quite energized & fresh.)  It didn't really click as to why this need was there however, until Jen Lee of Indie Kindred talked so honestly about how she uses water to help replenish and restore after intense work periods.  Her rituals of daily baths and/or swimming and seeking out spots close to water are intrinsic to her self-care routine and a great reminder that water can soothe and comfort and help us find our equilibrium.  Being around water provides those beneficial negative ions that can boost our health also!  

So next time you need to recharge and reboot, find a way for you to connect to water that works for you.  Water therapy works!

(Could this tree be a message? What is it saying: be bold and colourful? get ahead of everyone else? 
embrace the changing seasons? think red?  What do you think the message here could be?)

Ask for a Sign and use Creativity to playfully Interpret a Meaning: 

This last technique I start doing after taking an online class that included lessons on Starting a Sit Spot Practice with Michael and Lynn Trotta from the Sagefire Institute.  This "seeking a message" technique can easily be incorporated into any nature outing that you take, here's how!

When you find yourself out in a greenspace and/or going for a walk in nature: think of a specific question that might help you with your restoration process or aid you in getting unstuck.  Then use a process to release this question into the world (speak it aloud, imagine a bubble of energy around you expanding, pick up a rock that will represent the question and put it in your pocket while you are on your walk) and then be quietly mindful (watch that you are not too attached to the need for an answer) while you are out in nature to see what fun signs you can pick up that might represent an answer.

Remember - it's always helpful if you are relaxed and open to receiving answers.  While you are outside, see what draws your attention, stands out or seems a bit out of the ordinary.  It could be an encounter with a specific creature (that you don't normally see), it could be a familiar spot looking different that day, it could be a new flower in bloom or it could be something else.  It could also be nothing and that in itself could be your answer.  Have fun interpreting what you feel could be a message.  Do some word play, be imaginative, allow your curiosity to be a guide.  Play with the message and think symbolically rather than interpreting it literally.  I find that sometimes this word play alone can help unlock things for me!

(Could this woodpecker be a message? What is it saying: knock on every door?  don't give up - keep pounding away?  let everyone hear you? What do you think the message here could be?)

No matter what, enjoy your time outdoors!

I hope that one or more of these suggestions on connecting with nature can help the next time you need to recharge and restore after a hectic period or when you need to unplug and see through fresh eyes!  It doesn't have to be a full day or half day immersed in a pristine spot, just take a walk down to your local park or near the closest body of water or greenspace and give yourself as much time as you can whether that's just twenty minutes or if you are lucky a full hour.

Every second in nature counts!

What's the best way for you to get the most out of your time in nature?

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