Looping around the Island and Industry in Montreal - Urban Nature Discoveries

Montreal in the fall.

This season, I keep thinking back to a couple of autumn trips that Viliam and I have taken, including a trip to one of our fave cities: Montreal.  On that weekend trip, despite it being late October, bikes were still out in the city, which was different than being in Ottawa. We also lucked out with some  lovely sunny moments and enjoyed a full day of walking around.  On the Saturday, we went to Île Sainte-Hélène and walked back to the downtown Old Montreal portion, past Habitat 67 and through an industrial section.  We happened upon a friendly gull, some new leaves (for me) and a flock of birds crowding one small bush!  Even in the industrial section, nature held its own!

Montreal is such a walkable and bikeable city and has lots of incredible eateries (you almost can't go wrong!) and even in the city, the fall colours are a great sight.  Although on our fall weekend visit in 2015, we didn't stop at a favourite stop of ours on Mont Royal which is the Cimetière Mont-Royal and Cimetière Notre-Dame-des-Neiges.   We would recommend a visit to these two greenspaces in all three warm seasons for anyone who wants to find some nature in the city.  The two side-by-side cemeteries are a lovely hot spot for birds and offers great nature programming! We also found an incredible patch of Trilliums there this spring when venturing into a wilder corner.  Mont Royal itself is the best green spot in the city as there are so many trails to explore!  When we have time we make a point of walking around Lac aux Castors and venturing to the city look out also.

-- Sunny skies and Gorgeous Colours in the City! -- 

-- Island Visit and Friendly Gulls --

-- Industrial area and by the Canal --

(My apologies for the small size of the photos - I couldn't find my original photos so I had to rely on some that I posted to Instagram that year.  It was the year I switched phones and lost some pictures in the transfer.)

CITY TOURING TIP: Autumn is a great time to check out other cities as there are less tourists, the temperatures are cooler (but not too cold!) and as mentioned the scenery can be lovely.  As you can see, some trees were bare, some were just turning and others were in all their Fall glory.

NON NATURE SPOTS: We went to the Cat Cafe the next morning so didn't do another nature walk.  And I took some photos of the amazing mural art that seems like it is everywhere in the city.  Just look down alleyways and across to other buildings to see what you can spot.  As always, there is still so much to check out.  The great thing - we know we can always go back for more exploring!

-- Gull Photo shown above by Viliam Glazduri --

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