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The illumination of full moon evenings extends outdoor activities in such a wonderful way!  

I first discovered this as a cross-country skier in high school, when a friend and I went skiing under the full moon in fields outside the city near her home.  The full moon's light was reflected brightly by the white snow and it was like we were the only ones around for miles (which was probably true!).  Getting out for the evening was a super experience and I was an immediate convert to winter night outings.  This one ski excursion got me hooked to seek out other adventures under the bright round friendly glow of the monthly full moon.  

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While night lighting in cities might make the moon unnecessary, you may find that this complimentary evening illumination provides a softer glow and makes it easier to get out with friends and explore city parks and other natural spots along lakes and rivers past twilight.  And now that the sun is setting earlier in the evening, a full moon can provide that extended evening feel that we had earlier this summer - if there isn't sun light perhaps some moon light will encourage a few more evening strolls or moonlit outings?

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Like the idea but not sure what to do?
  • What about a walk with a friend in a public arboretum or along a river bank?
  • Or a group city paddle on your kayak or SUP this evening that provides exciting discoveries - remember François Côté's photo of the heron under the full moon?
  • While summer has wound down here, further south there may be one more opportunity for a full moon yoga outdoors?
  • Or grab your partner for a bike ride along some illuminated paths that will have that added bonus of softly glowing scenery - thanks to the moon!
Full Moon Yoga Candle Outdoor Experience

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...And (dare I say it?) once winter arrives there are other night outing opportunities to do with your friends:
  • Dark snowy evenings could be spent on a cross-country ski trail or a new path could be broken on snow shoes?
  • Add some winter vistas by choosing a spot along a water body or see if there is a pond or lake that has a path around it?
  • Or maybe there is a river with two pedestrian/bike bridges close to where you are, that could provide the same opportunity of a walking loop?
  • Give yourself a treat after you finish by identifying a path that ends up at a great cafe or restaurant - one that includes a fireplace would provide a great wrap up to the ultimate winter outing!

Night Photo of the Ottawa River in Winter Wild Here

Specific Ideas for Ottawa:

- For full moon yoga - Lansdowne Park is a popular spot, but there are also yoga activities at Mooney's Bay and sometimes at Westboro Beach.  I think they even had a full moon event at Parliament Hill!

- A great spot for a winter outing (whether it's X-C skiing or snowshoeing) that's close to downtown Ottawa is Lac Leamy - it's a short loop and you can have an après-ski (or snowshoe) drink at Le Saint-Éloi Café Bistro (100 Rue Atawe)

- Another perfect spot is the new Sir John A MacDonald Urban Winter Trail as you can either make the end destination Mill St. Brew Pub (and yes! they have a fireplace in the back) or you can take a pit stop at the Museum Café that serves hot chocolate (Thursday nights it's open until 7 pm) - details on the SJAM post here.

Happy Full Moon Adventures!

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