Urban Wild Winter Reading List (online & in print)

As the weather gets colder, thoughts may turn to cozying up inside and enjoying the type of connection that happens in books and through words.

If winter is not your favourite season you may use writing as a way to take your mind off the cold and distract yourself with nature writing until you yourself can get out again.

Here are some fun reads online that you can add to your list:

Margaret Bream - This Canadian author had a wonderful column in the Toronto Star called "Wild in the City" that is still available online.  The column covers three years of her observations from 2013 when she started with the topic of flying insects to the last essay on Dame's Rocket in 2015.  Over the years she shared her love for birds and other wildlife creatures along with her adventures canoeing, birding and  nature walks.  The column provides a friendly peek into one person's love of the natural world right outside her doorstep!

Mariell√© Anzelone - Mariell√© is the brilliant and intrepid New York City urban ecologist, founder of NYC Wildlife Week, who proposed a Pop-Up Forest in Time Square.  She also has written two detailed series about the seasons in the New York Times: one in Autumn (of 2011) and one in Spring (of 2012).  She really makes these seasons come to life for the armchair reader and adds many natural history details as well that are just as timely today.

Benjamin Vogt - Another American writer, Benjamin has a blog (The Deep Middle) that provides thoughtful insight into rethinking landscapes - especially when it comes to introducing more prairie landscape for pollinators.  He also writes a column for Houzz educating a whole new generation online about ecological gardening. Start here to get a taste of his writing: 3 Ideas from the Evolving Garden and if you like his ethos, considering supporting him and his writings by buying his new book that was released in September: "A New Garden Ethic: Cultivating Defiant Compassion for an Uncertain Future." (Link to Author's page)

P.S. And yes some other offline reading could including "Gathering Moss" by Robin Wall Kimmerer which is another great read!  :  )

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