Palm Springs Wildlife in Elevated and Desert Locations

I love nature and that includes both flora and fauna - I don't think I could ever choose and narrow down my interests to just birds or trees or anything specific.  And it's always great to be able to go out to any green space.  I wanted to share some of the things we saw outside of the urban area of Palm Springs because I'm guessing you like nature also!

We drove through Joshua Tree Park and it offered incredible landscapes and vistas.  You must check out Viliam's photos here: Yow_Vil Instagram: Jan 21 - Feb 25 and at Flickr (_Vee_).  In terms of wildlife we found some sweet prairie dogs, a few lizards and some other creatures.  We also went up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to the top of San Jacinto and I wish we had more time to hike around the park there but we did get to take some great photos at sunset.  Another stop was to Big Morongo Canyon Preserve - I'll be posting those photos next week!

Trail sign to Lost Palms Oasis
-- Beautiful desert vistas in Joshua Tree National Park --

Orange and Green Lichen in Desert
-- Colourful lichen that caught my eye --

ground squirrel on a rock
-- Friendly Ground Squirrels -- 

lizard on rock
-- Very small Lizard Basking on a Rock -- 

View of Cacti in Joshua Tree Park
 -- Cholla Cactus Garden --

Close Up of Fly on Cactus
-- Insects on Cactus -- 

Silhouette of Raven in Tree
-- Raven close to the Southern Entrance of the Park --

Coachella Valley
-- Lovely view of Coachella Valley during decent back into Palm Springs --

View from top of San Jacinto Palm Springs
-- The top of San Jacinto --

Bird on San Jacinto
-- Found a Junco taking in the view on top of San Jacinto --

-- Close-up of Dark-eyed Junco --

sunny view of trail down into San Jacinto State park
-- Back side of Aerial Tramway Building looking down into San Jacinto Park --


Joshua Tree National Park (WildlifeLichens, Cholla Cactus Garden)
Mount San Jacinto State Park (Things to Do, Birds of the Park)

Let us know if you have visited Palms Springs and what you liked the best?

If you haven't gone but want to - what do you want to see?

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