Palm Springs: Outside the City - Big Morongo Canyon Preserve - Part 2

As mentioned in Part One of my blog post on Big Morongo Canyon Preserve - I would love to see this greenspace in different seasons.  We were here during the winter months and while you could see the slight changes of things coming back into bloom the preserve was in a very dry winter state.  There is a boardwalk for many parts of this preserve and it must be very different during the wetter spring and early summer months.  As mentioned in my first post, the Friends of the Preserve offer different types of tours including free bird tours which are great (for those who want to get up early!).  There are various lengths of looped trails that offer hiking in various terrain and there is information on the difficulty of the various paths.  

If you like walking in nature, I'd definitely recommend it and if you can afford to donate - this is definitely a worthwhile organization as the "Friends of BMCP" offer lots of public events and educational opportunities.  Big Morongo was designated as an "Area of Critical Environment Concern" in recognition of its special values.  It's really a lovely place!  Find out more here:

A Great Day Trip from Palm Spring for Tourists Wild. Here.

Fun with new Camera - Tips for Photographers Wild. Here.
-- My first (blurry) picture of a Hummingbird! --

Canyon Walk in Palm Springs Best Nature Spot
-- Down into the Canyon --

Great Shot with Telephoto Lens Birding with A Camera Wild. Here.
 -- Is this a Stellar Jay?  Wow - my first! --

Best Photo Spots in Palm Springs - Nature Photography
-- Wow!  Is this a Kestral?!?! --

Lots of Walking Paths in Greenspace outside Palm Springs California
-- Boardwalk through the Preserve --

Tropical Trees for my Winter Vacation Canada
-- I'm not used to seeing Palm Trees mixed with Aspen --

Blue Sky, Winter Trees and Nature Connection
-- Beautiful Aspen --

Some Green even in Winter in Palm Springs
-- Colourful Missletoe --

Macro Shots for Nature Photographers Wild. Here.

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