Palm Springs: Outside the City - Big Morongo Canyon Preserve - Part 1

Viliam and I went to Palm Springs this January and we were able to visit quite a few amazing locations.  We were able to see some incredible flora (the winter colours - oh my!) and lots of overwintering birds and two lovely drought-tolerant gardens and even some elevated and desert locations outside the urban area of Palm Springs.  One other favourite place that we checked out one morning was Big Morongo Canyon Preserve and it was worth the drive!

If I lived in the Palm Springs area I would definitely visit the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve regularly.  It would be lovely to see it change through the seasons and to see what type of wildlife you could spot at different times of the year (especially different birds!).  Even though it felt like I was struggling to actually spot and correctly identify the birds, it was still fun to realize that there were many around - even if they were hiding in the bushes and scrubby areas.  :  )

I took lots of photos so I've had to split them up in two posts.  Here's what we saw:

Western Flyway Migrating Birds Birding novice
-- Wow - a bird in the parking lot right when we arrived! --

beautiful natural scenery near palm springs vacation 2018
-- The landscape as we drove in - so lovely! --

Macro Photography Great Example Wild. Here.
-- I saw these unique blooms along the driveway --

Vacation in Palm Springs Best Tourist Spots
-- I just love this type of landscape! --

Canadian Winter Vacation to Palm Springs - Best Spot
-- Another bird but this time the sun is at the wrong angle! --

Free Bird Tour in Palm Springs Winter Migration
-- Beautiful Entryway and Display of all the types of Creatures in the Preserve --

California Desert Spring Tree Blooms
-- As we walked down the trail I heard this buzzing in the trees... so many insects attracted to these new blooms - willow I think! --

Great Spot to See Birds in Palm Springs Big Morongo Canyon Preserve
-- And then I got an even nicer treat as I saw some birds in nearby branches eating the buds... (yes my advice is to stop and listen and slow your walk down, you will probably see more!) --

Beginner Birding in Palm Springs Wild. Here.
-- Here's another of the same bird resting --

Bad Bird Shots Photography isn't always Easy Wild. Here.
-- And there were other birds hiding in the bushes that didn't want to pose for pictures! --

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