Vancouver's Urban Wildlife through the lens of a Videographer and Photographer (Guest Post)

I'm really thrilled today to have a guest post by Kate Paton who is an amazing photographer and videographer from the West Coast.  I can't remember exactly how I found Kate Paton's Twitter account but I'm so glad I did!  Her Twitter feed was full of such superb photos of both the beautiful landscape of the west coast and also of all the wildlife - especially birds - that she was discovering right near her home.  I couldn't believe all the urban wildlife that she was documenting!  But it's really no surprise with Vancouver offering such great greenspaces and parks and with it being located right in between the ocean and mountains.  Kate has been capturing all this biodiversity (such incredible close-ups, such rich details of animal behaviour) with her camera and more recently she's been sharing videos also!  You are going to want to check out her social media feeds as they are full of an amazing variety of birds, mammals and other sweet creatures along with great mountain landscapes and ocean views - links are provided below.  

Here's Kate to share with us her passion of nature:

Vancouver's Urban Wildlife through the lens of a Videographer and Photographer

My name’s Kate Paton - I’m a New Zealand citizen, born and grew up in Zimbabwe, now living in beautiful Vancouver BC Canada.

Walking in nature and wildlife watching here in urban Vancouver has become a daily part of my life (weather permitting) since arriving here five years ago and struggling to find work - it’s an instant cure for depression and is so good for ones soul and body! Fresh air and exercise and watching the wonders of wildlife always restores my soul!  Vancouver has many regional parks and nature park and reserves - with abundant wildlife! It’s a great free way to enjoy ones day!

Springtime is very rewarding - here are some videos from last year - as, at the moment, I’m busy watching nests and waiting for all the babies to hatch or be born - and as an ethical birder I try to keep current nesting birds and their locations off my social media until they have safely fledged!

You can imagine my delight from watching tiny Rufous hummingbirds in their nest:

To watching coyote pups jump and play in a sunny grassy field:

In holes in some dead trees you can often see tiny nesting birds like the lovely Bewick's Wren:

And the beauty of a young Cooper’s hawk is just so delightful:

And how can you not laugh at these gorgeous baby great horned owls trying to get a bearing on me by swivelling their heads - too adorable!

My first love, of course, here in BC Canada is the bald eagle and watching these incredible raptors is a big part of my life - their beauty, their resilience and awe inspiring lust of life just takes my breath away! Here are juvenile bald eagles learning to fly:

Not all my videos and photos are pretty - I try to be aware of the protection and conservation of our natural resources and pick up litter when I can - and document the mess humans make which can be very sad when it adversely affects our wildlife!

These are just a few of my observations - I post my daily videos (when possible) on Instagram, YouTube, TwitterFacebook and Vero - please feel free to watch and follow me or subscribe!

Kate Paton, known as "Pacificnorthwestkate" on her social media accounts, is a wildlife, nature and scenic photographer and videographer in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  To make sure you don't miss a thing - subscribe to her You Tube channel: Pacificnorthwestkate and follow her on social media as she continues to document the amazing wildlife in and around Vancouver.

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  1. I like this lady's work, she's fun

    1. We completely agree!! Such great videos! : )