Let's talk about Wild. Here. - local nature that you can access close to home!

In terms of my winter posts, I recently realized that I might be doing a disservice to those who are looking for Wild. Here. (local) ideas rather than being shown places to escape to from our cold drab urban cities.  Showing Palm Spring photos, talking about greening up your social media and researching other locations to visit!  I haven't really been talking about local nature opportunities. My apologies!!  (Yes - this is such a great conundrum - what IS there to do when the city seems cold and drab??  It's actually inspiring me in terms of a new post to write! What can we get from getting out during the grey times???)  

I have a friend who walks her dog daily and I was thinking yesterday about dog walkers - are they people who enjoy walking and seek out a furry companion for their activity or are they animal lovers who are now out daily - getting outside and around their neighbourhood, in a way they had never even planned.  Are they being converted to local nature appreciation by this new activity? (Don't worry, I do know it's a bit of an overthink!  Dog lovers first right?)

However my brilliant dog-walking friend also noted that colours stand out more prominently against a white backdrop - could it be the same for grey ones?  So definitely something to think about in terms of a new post!  Love that the inspiration just keeps coming!!  For now I just wanted to say that after the cold April morning, we had a sunny afternoon and I got out for a walk!

I hope you find your opportunities to get out and enjoy the wild that you find locally.  Here at Wild. Here.  we are all about the local wild - yes the wild here (not "there" outside the city) - the wonderful wild nature that you find right at your doorstep and/or a short walk, bus ride or drive away.  There definitely IS plenty of nature to be found right here in our cities!   So I'll share with you some photos from my walk last weekend and I hope you all get outside soon to enjoy your Wild. Here.  (Yes, even when the weather is not optimal and I'm going to remember that myself also.)

I am so lucky to have a plethora of natural spaces within walking distance - two ponds, a lake, a river, a wooded area, fields, trails and other park and park-like spaces.  We get to enjoy the view above (title photo) on some of our drives and I always feel so fortunate to be able to enjoy that scenic outlook.  Our small pond offers the only local beach so it is another fun place to visit in all seasons.

There is a dedicated group of volunteers that help control invasive species in this small conservation area and visitors get to enjoy both lakeside views and views from higher up (on the other side of the lake).

I took a few videos of this location also - love hearing the Red-Wing Blackbird calls (you can see one (the black dot in the photo here) hanging out on the dead marsh reeds) - such a super reminder of spring (but hoping that they find enough nourishment with them coming back early this year - strange climate change effects!) - birds migrate due to sunlight changes but insects hatch depending on weather temperature (read more here).

Possible beaver or muskrat activity - creating canals through the marsh reeds - ice cover still on the lake.

What do you do during these in between months, 
when it's still cold but you can't enjoy your outdoor winter activities?

Or if you are not a winter person, how do you connect to nature after a long winter - do sunny days matter?

Where do you get your local nature fix on grey days?

Let us know!

Really enjoyed this part of the walk under these conifer trees - sometimes the smell of them brings me back to days of camping!  Such beautiful boughs to walk under no matter what season!

And I'll get back to you on that grey day post soon!  ;  )

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