My Wild. Here. City Tour Urban Nature Wish List (Day Tripping + Weekend visits from Ottawa)

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As the blustery April winds blow and the cold front continues, it's that strange weather where I feel self-conscious dressing for winter when the ground is bare and grey, so rather than venture out I'm holing up inside this morning and thinking about my Urban Nature Bucket List for travel destinations beyond Ottawa.  Here's a few to start with:

Cornwall, Ontario

This should be an easy one for me as it's only an hour's drive.  I read about Lamoureux Park's Eco Garden years ago and am curious to see how the park is doing now, since the article was written five years ago.  Located along the shoreline of the St. Laurence River, rock reefs were built along the river to create protected areas for fish to forage and nurse.  It also includes a small creek that provides alternating shallow riffle areas and deeper pools offering a home to spawning chinook salmon and cutlip minnow.   And although I haven't read anything about Guindon Park it looks like it has some paths and wilder spaces also that could be explored.

Montreal, Quebec 

This is one of our favourite cities to visit for a day trip from Ottawa and as mentioned before we always gravitate to Mont Royal for a slice of nature when we go for a visit.  We've been here before but it's still on my wish list (always) because there are so many places in this city to explore including: Jardin Roerich (a.k.a. Maguire Meadow and/or Champs de Possibles) which is such an inspiring urban nature space, the Green Alleys of the city (which I'd love to spend an afternoon wandering through) and of course the foodie in me wants to finally try ricotta gelato and visit the outdoor terrasse of Montreal SAT's Foodlab.


Last summer we got rerouted off of the 403 and found ourselves driving along Plains Road West and York Boulevard and I was smitten by the views from our car of the Royal Botanical Gardens.  Wow!  I've definitely heard of the RBG before but just had no idea.  When I started thinking about what else I'd like to see in the area, I was pleasantly surprised to see three projects that I had bookmarked happening around the city including Cootes Paradise by McMaster University (Parking Lot M), a tall grass prairie project and a new habitat for Bobolink in the Upper Ottawa neighbourhood.  I'm also curious about the Escarpment area and think Highlands Garden Park would be a great spot to check out!

Stay tuned for more - including a guest post from a friend who's visited one of my "must" urban nature experience cities in the United States!  Lucky man!

What about you?  Do you ever consider travel destinations based on natural green tourist areas?  

What are your top ones currently?  

Where do you want to explore?

p.s. and yay I got out in the afternoon once the temperature got warmer!
Puddlegram in Ottawa Tree Reflection in Melting Snow Nature Connection

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