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It was our two year anniversary for this blog last month!  

I started writing the newest version of this blog in May 2016.  And with two years of posts, there is now quite the library of articles to help you connect with nature in your city.

Yes the nearby nature that is easy to access, every day, close to home.

Sometimes it's hard to remember that connecting to nature doesn't mean that you have to go on a long hike on the weekend outside your city.  There is tons of wild - here - right at your doorstep and it can provide you with the same type of wonderful nature (Vitamin N) benefits that getting out of the city can.

Yes it can!  The green right inside your city has Vitamin N also.

That's how the name for the business came to be:  I wanted to inspire more people to connect with the wild "here", as opposed to the wild that people seek "there" - away from the city, outside the urban environment.

Yes - there IS wild right here!  And we want you to connect to it!

Friendly Wildlife that you see in the city

So how does this Wild. Here. website help you connect to nature?

And for those in Ottawa or visiting the city, the Wild. Here. website also offers:

And last, but certainly not least: 

Thank you so much for being here and joining out urban nature loving community!  

We want to be creating resources and writing about topics that YOU are interested in, so let us know in this short two-minute survey online:

Gulls and Ducks seen on Urban Pathway along Refreshing River

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