Take it Outside

I was so excited to see inspiration this week on Twitter of this post idea "Take it Outside" that has been brewing here for a bit.  Someone tweeted a photo of a group of people having dinner outside in a park.  So simple but so incredible.

I just love this easy concept: 

Take something that you normally do indoors and do it outdoors!

This is obviously easier to do in the warmer seasons, but there are still opportunities in the colder months, it takes a bit more inventiveness and fortitude.  But as it's spring here in the northern hemisphere (and feeling like summer in my corner of the world), I'll focus on outdoor warm weather activities right now.

Think about some of the things that you normally do inside such as eating, exercise, reading, listening to a podcast, playing video games (on phone or tablet), meditating, yoga or even watching TV and consider whether you can do them outdoors.  Also consider your favourite hobbies such as: visual art, dance, hooping.  Would one or more of these activities be easy to do outside?  In your backyard, in a local park, on your balcony?

My friends used to host neighbourhood movie nights in their backyard (which would be incredibly fun) but sometimes we think that it has to be this complicated process and grandiose gesture.

It doesn't have to be difficult.

It's as easy as taking your laptop outdoors and relaxing in your patio furniture to watch a TV show.

It's as easy as creating a serving space on your kitchen counter and then taking out just your dinner plate onto your deck.

It's as easy as grabbing your knitting project and walking down to the local park.

There are lots of locations that support our desire to be outdoors more: parks with picnic tables or benches, meditation and prayer gardens and so many patios for meals and drinks during the summer season.  Do you know where your closest park or rooftop garden is near your downtown office or perhaps there is a river or lake that is a short drive from your business park?

So let me ask you: what do you like to do?   

Whatever it is, how about enjoying that activity outdoors?

Let's take advantage of these warmer, longer days and get outside!

Who is with me?

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