Cool Urban Nature Maps

I love meeting and finding other people who adore urban nature as much as I do.

One type of project that thrills me are visual maps that illustrate cities in this new way.  And it's not surprising that there are many to be found in England, with their BBC nature loving programming including Springwatch!  Here are a few - I hope they delight you as much as they delight me!


From Vicky Woodgate's website:

"Urban Jungle is a 38 city map book exploring the cities and the incredible wildlife found. Concept - authored - designed and illustrated by Vicky Woodgate and published by Big Picture Press an imprint of Templar."

Link to Vicky Woodgate's beautiful artwork and website.

Michael A. Hill from Maps Illustrated:

From Maps Illustrated website:

"2010 illustrated bespoke map of a walk around Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire."  (This one may not be exactly "urban", but the bird images are just so compelling!  I want to go for this walk just because I might run into a Kingfisher!)

Link to Maps Illustrated delightful maps and website.

Emma Metcalfe's Map of Colchester Cemetery

From Emma Metcalfe's website:

"The client required a bespoke map which would appeal to both casual visitors walking in the area and also those making a special trip to visit the grave of a loved one... The large format version includes a small selection of many wildlife species that live in the cemetery, including Mutjac deer, woodpeckers, bats and owls."

Link to Emma Metcalfe's lovely illustrations and blog.

Lost In London by Lucy Scott & Tina Smith

This one is a recent find and I have to thank goodreads for "recommending" it to me!  The map sits inside the front and back cover and illustrates where each of the chapters have been written.  You can read a few excerpts from Lost in London on Lucy Scott's website:

Mystic Marshes
Chasing the Wandle
Tidal Treasures

Photo of London map (illustrated by Tina Smith) on the inside cover of "Lost in London"

Oh and this reminds me a bit of the Wild Things Publishing Guides - which includes wild swimming, lost lanes and even tree climbing.  Oh Britain you inspire me so!

***All map design images are from the personal illustrators websites.

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