Summer Scent-scape (and all five senses outdoors)

I know I've written a bit about this before but I was reminded of it during a bike ride I took a few weeks ago and also while reading the amazing book: The Cincinnati Arch by John Tallmadge.  He touched upon so many things in 2004 that are being brought into the forefront now and discussed in detail now: invasive species, nature deficit disorder, modern life outside of nature, etc. which included the difference between our indoor sheltered life and the rich sensory experiences of outdoor excursions.

When we get out in nature it can be a five sense experience!

If not all five senses, it definitely augments our soundscape, our viewscape and our scent-scape and even our sense-scape (think of the feeling of the wind on skin or different types of ground underfoot or even just the sun on our face).  We can even augment the physical sensations by swimming, biking (feeling water and apparent wind) and other physical activities.  Taste can even grace our outdoor experience, through sweat on our face that falls on our lips or if we are knowledgeable about native plants and feel like tasting some of our finds.  (Are there other taste-scapes we experience by going outdoors?)
apparent wind* ( \ ə-ˈper-ənt wīnd): the movement of air experienced by an observer in motion and is the relative velocity of the wind in relation to the observer (link)

But my bike ride was a reminder that the scent-scape of these warm long days is something truly pleasurable to experience especially in high summer when we can smell white clover or that slight aroma of dried grasses in a field.  We also looped along the river where the air was a bit humid and reminded me of childhood scents from searching for crayfish in the shallow riffles near my home.

And I have to admit that even a slight odour of a musty skunk spray that lingered from a night or two ago along one portion of the path, made me smile, as if I had better tracking skills than I actual do.

So I just wanted to share a short "public service announcement" as a reminder to get outside while the days are still warm and the evenings are still long and enjoy all five senses including experiencing the outdoors.

I also noted that there are so many white blooms around and enjoyed taking photos of some of the great surprises that greeted us.  Some times it's hard to remember, but each time we go out, even in the same location, there will be interesting and unique experiences and observations.

As always - happy wilding!

And remember Every Minute in Nature Counts!

*ever since I learnt this definition in a sailing class, each time I'm in a boat or on my bike, I note to myself "and there is the apparent wind" - as if it's a magical, hidden entity that I can only entice to show itself when I get out on the water or on my two-wheeler

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