How Nature Does Such a Fabulous Job of Supporting Introverts

Are you an introvert?  Do you feel yourself drawn to natural spaces?  Does being in nature provide comfort and a feeling of retreat - a place to ponder?  Does creativity, your introverted personality and nature connection all go hand in hand for you?  I've been thinking about this lately!

What is it about nature that compliments my introverted tendencies so well?

How is it that I feel so supported, strengthened and welcomed by nature?  Why does nature feel like a return to my true inner self - a place where I can be quiet, contemplative and really hear the messages that my body and mind need to receive?  What makes nature and introverts fit so well together?

Nature offers us a quiet, calm setting.  The natural "tendency" of this environment (and the flora and fauna of which it consists) is quiet and focused - plants growing, animals searching for sustenance, water meandering through a landscape, the occupants (our sun, other stars, clouds, etc) of the sky drifting on their course. Absolutely, there are upsurges in terms of storms and predators and water falls but the return to a stasis of calm seems to be where balance comes back to all.  Nature is a great touchstone to connect us with that calm balance.

Nature helps us resynch and reset.   While we may crave calm and quiet, some places may be TOO still and silent, unnervingly so in some ways.  Being at home without any contact with the outside world can become almost too much for even the most introverted.  And moving pictures on a screen are no substitute.  Nature offers us its own steady and natural rhythm and this movement and energy can help us rebalance our own nervous systems.  Movement means life and our bodies recognize this and nature can offer this type of interaction with the world in a way that doesn't feel intimidating.

Nature provides us with space.  A visit to a green space can provide a quiet place and room to breathe, where introverts won't feel hemmed in or crowded by others.  They can be alone even if there are others on the trail.  Interaction is not required, everyone usually gives other people their own space, so it's easy to sit on a bench or out in a park and enjoy the outdoors on your own.  Nature provides enough space for all.  Being offered some spaciousness to be able to hear ourselves think, connect inwards and allow for unhurried observations is so key to introverts.  We feel welcomed by nature because it seems to understand our needs.  It's like having a friend who validates our feelings and doesn't question too much or want to interject their opinions at the wrong time.

If you are an introvert, what do you like about nature?  

How does it support your need to process things internally, to take your time to review options before speaking, to slowly reveal who you are over time once trust has been built up?

Nature has always appreciated introverts - it's great to see society is starting to appreciate our valuable contemplative traits as well.

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  1. Introverts unite! Separately! In the forest!

  2. Love these insights! One of the things I love about nature is the life lessons that become so clear when I pay attention to how things function in nature. The patterns speak to me!

    1. Just love your point! There are many life lessons when we pay attention to patterns in nature. Thank you so much for your insight Kristin!