Love Nature but HATE Winter - Stop Doing This One Thing....

Vitamin "N" and Green Benefits are being touted all over the place!  But what if your outdoor environment isn't green?  What happens if for over FOUR months you find yourself in the deep white and grey of the winter season and your location is muted and dark and you feel like you will never see that vibrant green again?

I know for many Canadians that winter is hard - toughing it out for week after week through a season you HATE would make anyone miserable.

Winter is hard and relentless I know.

But if you DO find yourself wishing for GREEN & WARMTH through the whole winter and curse the outdoors for every single one of these months, consider this one adjustment:

Stop Hating Winter.

This all-encompassing judgement of the season, can truly make a difficult experience even worse.  Hate is a strong emotion and seeing winter as just this one awful thing can really make a hard situation very dire indeed.

Most things are not all black or white.

Generalizations narrow down our view.

Hate can overtake us and cloud us from seeing anything else.

So if you are open to exploring this opportunity to see Winter in a different way start asking yourself to clarify what it is you don't like about the season.
Do you really hate everything about winter?   
Are there specific things that you find hard to tolerate?   
Is it the cold?   
Is it the dark evenings?  
Is it your commute?  
What is it that makes winter so hard for you?   

By clearly defining what it is you don't like, you can start seeing this season in a different way.  You open up the possibility that there may be things that you DO like about winter.

Then get curious about the specifics. Break it down even more:
How cold is too cold?  
Is it at -10 degrees Celsius?  
Is it at -15 degrees Celsius? 
Is it that your feet get too cold? 
Or that you feel the wind on your face?

By exploring in more detail what you don't like about winter, you can determine if there are things that you can do to improve your experience.  How can you change your experience with cold?  Is there something you can do to make this experience better?  Buy new boots?  Ensure that you get outdoors when the weather is mild on your free days so as to increase your positive experiences with winter?

Keep asking yourself questions and see what parts of the season, are tolerable.  Keep peeling away at the questions to really understand what your tolerance levels are and where you can make adjustments or help yourself out.

When you become that much more specific you can identify that what you really hate is winter commuting in storms and this can help you be open to the fact that winter storms are not as frequent as you had originally thought.  That these storms only happen a few times a month and that for the rest of the month commuting is tolerable.

Or maybe you'll start noticing that there are days that feel "warm" and where you can turn your face to the sun and enjoy the light and that these days make winter almost pleasurable.  Almost!

This one change in attitude and the way you see winter, can be the first step in helping you ease into a better acceptance of the season.  By letting go of the "HATE" you may find that there are some positive moments that you can capture and enjoy and that some aspects are not as intolerable as you may have once thought.

What are other changes that you can consider, to help make winter more tolerable?  

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***  PLEASE NOTE - This mini-course is not meant to replace the help of a trained therapist if you have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or have been diagnosed with clinical depression.  If you are unsure of the severity of your mental health, please seek professional help for a diagnosis and treatment.

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