What Nature Has Done for Me Lately

As I spend more times outdoors and prioritize this incredibly beneficial activity, I've been noticing a change in attitude, values and desires.  They may have been there before but they have been increasing in importance and have really started to shape the way I live my life.  Even as an entrepreneur speaking about the benefits of nature, being out in nature is not always second-nature to me.  I grew up in the era of "television as a babysitter"!  So I like many others need to identify the best ways to motivate myself so that nature connection is a priority.   Knowing how much nature does enrich various aspects of my life is a great reminder to keep scheduling my Vitamin N regularly in my week.

Here are some of my current "findings" about what nature has done for me lately:

- Encourages me to slow down and become more present  (I'm even experimenting with expanding time!) 
- Provides me with that feeling of connectedness and being part of something bigger 
- Allows me to feel satisfied with what is and happy about what I have (Really, I don't need more stuff to provide me with happiness!) 
- Gives me so much joy and simple pleasure and helps me connect with the truth of abundance
- Is a constant reliable companion - always available, always welcoming, always the same (in its cycles, rhythms and moods even as they differ throughout the year) 
- Accepts me as I am - I feel welcomed and nurtured as an introvert by nature - no small talk needed!

After being outdoors in nature, I have more clarity about my life - things seem simpler and I remember why it is so important to be sustainable (but also forgiving in how much I can do).  Getting outside resonates with my current desires to have a simple life, enjoy the pleasure of good food, keep a tidy house, seek less distractions and find better connections.

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