When You don't have Time to go Forest Bathing (Nearby Nature Connection 101)

It's wonderful to see more and more people embracing the benefits of nature and realizing how critical it is to get outside and connected to nature.  There are now predictions that hiking will become the newest "health trend" surpassing yoga (wow!) which has had quite a surge in the past two decades or so.  How amazing would that be if you had as many hiking clubs as you did yoga studios? Along with that, forest bathing (shinrin-yoku), which became popular in Japan in the 1980's, is now a guided therapy that you can enjoy here in North America.  Vitamin N is being prescribed by doctors to help alleviate health issues.  Rewilding, wild edibles, unique outdoor adventures (fat biking anyone?) and other nature experiences are becoming quite the buzz words...

But what about all those days when you don't have time to drive out to a forested area or spend the day enjoying a hike?  How do we get through a stressful week of an urban life with no backcountry wilderness at our doorstep?  Are there ways to incorporate a more nature-focused life into our daily schedule?

Nearby nature connection can be as beneficial as a wilderness experience and the good thing is there is no difficult "re-entry" back into the real world and you don't need to always be harbouring pangs to "get out of the city".

It's really powerful to realize (and access) the benefits of nature close to home.

I liken a "nearby nature connection" to practicing yoga "off the mat" or being able to access the peace & tranquility from a spiritual retreat even when you find yourself back to the "real world".

  • Enjoying more nature connection starts with slowing down your day and understanding how you already connect to nature.
  • Increase the time you are spending outdoors in five minute increments - make small adjustments rather than try to go all out right away.

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What is your favourite way to get your Vitamin N close to home?  

Do you enjoy quick, short sessions of forest bathing - including simple, relaxing walks in the woods on your own or with friends?  

What is your go to ritual when you need a bit of quiet zen that only nature can give?


  1. I'm lucky to be living near Colonel By Drive. When I had a back problem and could only walk a couple of blocks, I would walk along the pedestrian path to the top of the hill just west of the Bank Street Bridge. There are huge trees there - hemlock, sugar maple, silver maple, pine, and even chestnut. I love to be near those trees, knowing that they were there long before I was born and hopefully will be there for many decades to come.

    1. Oh Sandra! So nice to be so close to those heritage trees! And what a incredible mix of species also. There is a huge pine in this small Kochar forest across from Mooney's Bay that I like to visit - I know what you mean.

      Beautiful point about how they mark time and that they will be there (hopefully) long after we are gone. I will have to visit your trees next time I'm in the area! : )