An Urban Nature-loving Flâneur's Day in Montreal (Quebec)

We decided to call it a day of reconnaissance.  The sky was grey, the city was grey, the trees were bare - it just wasn't going to be a great picture-taking outing.  I came home and remembered that I had photos of a better day in Montreal - everything bright green and blue!  Of course those types of pictures are the ones I WANT to share with readers!  But afterwards I thought of the falsity of the internet and even more of social media - where most everything is rosy and positive and perfect.

Unlike our lives, unlike most of our days and really difficult to try and compare ourselves and reality to.  We went to Montreal on a day that was overcast but the temperature was mild and spring-like and I was able to walk most of the day outdoors and still enjoy myself, still benefit from nature, being under trees, seeing the water melting and most of the paths dry.  Grey days OUTDOORS can still provide some of that mental health benefit that nature is so well-known for and there is still fresh air, the opportunity to walk in parks and to enjoy time away from desks and screens.

So I enjoyed my day as a "flâ·neur" - I checked out a few "green"spaces that were new to me, we enjoyed some fantastic cafés and I had a delicious lunch on my own and I didn't have to fight through the throngs of people that we would most likely find during the summer.  Here is what I saw:

- Faint colour of buildings behind a bare tree -

- Faubour Park in Griffintown (historic site of St Ann's Irish Church) -

- Check out these stairs to nowhere! -

Found between Boulevard Robert-Bourassa and Rue Nazareth at Rue William.  There is also a children's park, an outdoor gym, lounge chairs and an amazing large white statue at the south end of this linear park.

- Great outdoor space along the Lachine Canal - lots of places to sit and lounge - 

- My best sky picture of the day! -

- These are some other new lounge chairs that the City of Montreal is adding to parks which we spotted in a couple of places during our visit -

- Spotted something fun in the trees! (rue de la Gauchetière and rue Peel) -

- Cute little yellow bird houses! -

- Parc Place du Canada -

- Large tree near McGill Campus -

- My favourite small park: Square St. Louis -

- New park for me: Lafontaine Park -

NOTE: Lafontaine Park has an ampitheatre, a restaurant, an art gallery and more!  Many people jog or walk around the lake and there is lots of seating (including picnic tables).  I've added this to my "must return in the summer/fall" list!

- And as always, your trip to Montreal would not be complete without a walk around Old Montreal! -

**Find out what wildlife was spotted on this trip in the following blog post: Urban Wildlife Sightings of a Flâneur in Montreal.  I saw something that I've only seen online or on social media before!

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