Finding Spring Ephemerals Off the Beaten Track in Montreal

Mont Royal is a great place to explore.  You can spend your whole day in this green space - there are trails (both formal and informal), lots of places to spend time under trees, a few great lookouts to see the city skyline, places to eat (Mt. Royal Chalet, Café des Amis - Pavillon, Maison Smith) and great scenic spots to rest and people watch by the lake.  And yes if you want to do an urban hike - Mont Royal is your spot - with options of 2 km, 4 km and 8 km hikes!

As mentioned in a previous Wild. Here. Montreal post, two cemeteries make up about half of the green space here and when we are visiting the city we love walking around the Mont Royal Cemetery.  Last spring we went off the "beaten path" and found some ephemerals under foot.  Mont Royal is a great place to take in all the tree blossoms and spring flowers!  This map provides details about all the services found on "La Montagne".

- Lots of red and white blossoms -

- Quiet trail through a small wooded area - 

- Where we found Trilliums! - 

- So many growing in the dappled light of the spring forest - 

- Pink blossoms also! - 

- This is the entrance we use off Remembrance Road - 

- There are many guided tours for nature lovers - 

- Along the path near Chalet du Mont Royal - 

- Some informal paths up the hill - 

- Spectacular spring blossoms!

Also, if you like dogs, don't miss out on Bois Summit (Summit Woods) which is just south west of  Mont Royal while you are there!  It's a favourite off leash dog walking spot.  Great views at the top here too!

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