OFFERING - 10 day Mini-Course (online) - Easing into Winter

How Has This Winter Been for You So Far?

Is your life feeling grey similar to the unrelenting cold winter weather that makes you want to crawl back into bed?

Does the idea of three more months of icy and slushy road & pathways, bitter northern winds and dark, cloudy weeks send you into a tailspin?

Have you been wondering if there is a gentler, kinder way to ease into this seasonal transition with more grace & tranquility?

Are you wishing for a community of like-minded people who love nature, want to apply mindfulness techniques but who, like you, lose their sense of play in winter?

Do you know you could be doing more for yourself and wish you could find some friendly and sympathetic yet effective accountability to motivate you?

Life can be hard.

Changes and transitions can be difficult to navigate.

I myself have struggled with winter, dreading the daily commute, wondering what to wear, wishing that the wind wasn't so bitter and directly in. my. face.

Feeling like I was dragging myself everywhere, wishing that hibernation was truly an option. 

It probably feels like your relationship with winter will never change.

Nature offers us so much but it is easy to turn our back and shut the door when winter comes.  How can there be any benefit from the current cold, dark, dreary landscape?

But nature IS still out there and any connection CAN benefit us.  In as little as 5 minutes, NATURE can boost our mood.  And yes, this can even be from indoors.  By tapping into natural rhythms, earth elements and seeking positive outdoor experiences, the amazing array of nature benefits can still be ours in winter.  By enjoying nature in smaller, simpler ways, our frosty winter break-up with the outdoors can be repaired even if, right now, we don't fully appreciate these dull, chilly, dormant months.

The "Easing into Winter" 
10 day mini-course will start to peel away the layers of distrust and angst that have built up.  It will allow you to:

- open your eyes and start an important shift in how you see and appreciate this season 

- explore some easy techniques that you can use daily to start seeing the positive experiences that are available 

- prioritize improving your mood and mental focus rather than defaulting to habits that keep you stuck 

- connect with others who can relate to your desire to start a new journey of self-care and nurturing

So why should you try this type of online course?

You may think: "Why Bother - I'll just ignore the situation, bury my head under the blankets, I've powered through this on my own before!"

You may wonder "Why Try This - how is it different from any other thing that I've tried and every other resource I've heard of?"

You may believe you don't have time but this course offers simple techniques that won't take up much time in your day.

You may feel that you don't have the energy and that's part of the point - let's explore what is going on and see how to shift your winter mood.


  • 5 simple but effective online lessons sent to your inbox providing you with 2 days to review and try out each technique
  • 10 supportive Social Media Prompts that act as accountability check-ins to encourage you to test each technique out 
  • 2 bonus emails that provide more beneficial resources and a helpful review of the process at the end of the 10 days
  • PLUS: opportunity to ask questions & discuss techniques within the online course platform & connect with classmates

COST: TBA in 2021 We received positive feedback from the eight people who took the FREE 2019 Wild. Here. Beta Mini-Course.  We are looking forward to updating and expanding the class for 2021.  Please sign up below if you want to be notified when this class is offered.

*This course is for nature-loving women who are on a journey to discover ways to slow life down, explore simpler ways of approaching self-care including shifting thought patterns, meditation practices and joyful curiosity that leads to exploration and play.

This "Easing into Winter" Online Course is NOT for You:

- If you are looking for practical solutions to help solve your mood.  The course offers techniques to shift your outlook, rather than instruct you to buy a specific lamp or increase your Vitamin D.
- If you are looking for an easy, fast fix to your winter blues.  All shifts in your attitude and experience can take effort and time to realize but this course can help you start that shift.
- If you are not ready to take personal accountability to help yourself.  The course is for women who are ready to step up and prioritize themselves and their personal self-care.
- If you have never explored self-growth, cognitive techniques.  The course is designed to support women who are familiar with these techniques and appreciate the benefits they can provide.

Katherine Forster returned to her love of nature at the age of 41, after having spent a few years exploring where her soul felt the most at home.  She waded in urban streams, promoted green community gardens, fed baby squirrels formula using syringes, counted swifts as they dove into chimneys and started gardening with native plants to welcome wildlife into her backyard.  These nature connections and an immersion into ecological studies have brought her to desire to share these experiences and explore how others can also benefit from nature connections, a slower lifestyle and a more meditative and playful approach to our lives.

She has explored meditation and mindfulness techniques for over ten years, from the first time she sat on a cushion at home in front of an impromptu-ly designed mini altar of stones, feathers, photos and candles.  But even before, when, as a child she instinctively sought out quiet wild corners to receive comfort, companionship and a spark of delight.

She has been a student of sit spot masters, vipassana meditation teachers and labyrinth walkers to name just a few; exploring various modalities to answer the hushed questions in her heart of whether she was good enough, whether she had anything to offer to the world and whether the connection to love WAS and IS a birth-right that we all (including her) deserve.

Winter is her JAM now and she wants it to be yours also!


When will it start?

The 2019 "Easing into Winter" online course was in MARCH 2019.  The 2021 updated and expanded "Easing into Winter" course will be offered in January 2021.  Sign up below to be notified when it is launched.

How do I get the course material?

A link to the course material for the day will be emailed to you every two days and will provide you with a link to that day's lesson.

How long will the course material be available for after the course is complete?

The course material will be available for three weeks in total.  The value in the course is to take it along with other students (during the two weeks scheduled).  This also allows you to benefit from the accountability from the social media prompts.  There will be one extra week to review the material after the 10th day (and final lesson) so that you can complete any of the techniques that you were not able to do during the 10 day course.

How do we connect to the teacher and to other students?

You will be able to connect with the teacher through the course platform site.  Questions can be added in a comment box below the course material and will be answered within 24 hours.  Accountability will be enhanced if you can follow on social media as there will be reminder prompts available there.  Students can review each other questions and the answers provided and connect over social media if they wish.

Is this course based on cognitive behavioral therapy?

While this course explores some opportunities for personal cognitive shifts, it is not meant to be a substitute for cognitive behavioral therapy with a trained psychologist.  This course is designed to offer you connection, accountability and to help you see winter in a new light while offering some simple techniques that can help shift your perspective.  If your struggle with winter blues is a diagnosed mental health need such as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or Clinical Depression please seek treatment with a professional therapist.  Refer to the CMHA's "Your Mental Health" for further information.

Will this course be offered again?

This course will be offered in Winter 2021.  There is no guarantee that this course will be offered again after that however.  The plan is to offer it annually during the winter season but priorities for the teacher may shift by the following year.  If this course is of interest, DO sign up for the course when it is offered.