More About Wild. Here.

Wild. Here. is a biophilic/social enterprise with the goal of increasing the connection between people and nature for the well-being of both!  Nature connections offers so many benefits to us (humans) in our daily lives and the Wild. Here. team is here to help our readers and clientele slow down and get the most out of nearby nature in their own city!


Founder and Proprietor: Katherine Forster
Lead Writer: Katherine Forster

Contributing Creatives & Collaborators

Photography: Viliam Glazduri

Wild. Here. TM is trademarked in Canada.

Wild. Here. proudly supports:
- Ottawa's Sustainable Enterprise Alliance - a collaboration of businesses working together to build a resilient community.
- Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre - this organization tirelessly works on behalf of wildlife promoting projects such as Living with Beavers and the Wildlife Construction Protocols. 
- Illinois Wildflowers database and research - the most detailed information on faunal associations for various North American flora.

Wild. Here. is a member of Kind Village (2017) and of the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op.