OFFERING: Get a Boost With Nature Connection (download)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Wild. Here. "Boost with Nature Connection" Tip Sheet

This tip sheet can be filed on your phone and used as a guide to boost your nearby nature connection when you need a break from a busy, stressful day.  Just get outside to a nearby park or under some trees and try one or more of these techniques.

If you can't get outside, sit and gaze out a window where you can see some green or even use a nature photo/screensaver.  Your body recognized "green" as a decompressing colour and you can benefit simply by connecting to this green energy.  Take some deep belly breaths (count five seconds for each inhale and five seconds for each exhale) and let your eyes and mind take in the green scenery.  You can also mentally scan your body for any tight spots (and release as needed) and/or do what feels best for you as you adjust and let your breath slow and become a more natural rhythm that syncs up with the calmer rhythm of a natural landscape.


(Once the new window is open with the Tip Sheet - just right click to choose the "Save as" option)