A city and its wild spaces can be very different over the course of a year.  Local places can easily be visited during the varying seasons but don't forget to check out some of your favourite places further afield when the weather changes.  It's great to be able to see them at two distinct times or more!

Short-lived winged insects, early mornings shrouded in ground fog, the various cycles of the moon, the intense contrast of the white ground with the cold blue sky, sightings of young creatures every spring, the crackle of leaves in the fall... There are so many various experiences in different seasons of the year.


A great time to be out, especially if it is before the leaves start appearing on trees as you can see topography and easily spot perching birds and the first migrations of creatures before everything becomes shrouded in green.  Water levels are high and bank stability can be dodgy so watch your step!  This season offers many blooms including the spring ephemerals, showy fruit trees and a variety of bulbs that can be seen sprouting.  Trees can bloom before, during or after leafing out and there are many different floral scents that continue into early summer. It's time to get out the jogging shoes, find some wellies for the wet days, start planning some hikes or photography treks or take the dog out for longer walks.


When does spring turn into summer?  Is June officially a summer month?  Or does summer solstice mark the change?  Does it only start feeling like the season when the dog days of summer start? Whatever marks the official start, summer is for many, the time of year things slow down and we try to get out and take it all in - whether at the cottage or on long, warm weekends or at outdoor summer festivals.  The dawn chorus and birds in general tone down after mating season and the vibrant colours of spring leaves start to fade a bit.  Flowers continue to bloom and people are out enjoying the long days (and warm evenings) of summer!  People look further afield for their "nature dose" but don't forget nearby nature especially during the week while you are in the city.


September 1st seems to be a real delineation between the end of summer and the beginning of fall.  The days become shorter and that lessening of light signals to trees that winter is coming. We enjoy the bright late season colours which also include our last autumn floral blooms and final sightings of insects and seasonal birds.  Autumn is a great time to get out and enjoy the changes in our local cities - both for the flora and the fauna sightings.  Wildlife is prepare for winter whether migrating, hibernating or even undergoing physical changes to survive the winter.  An extra bonus: there are less biting insects to have to avoid at this time of year!


It may feel like a long and dark season with the days been so short and the weather being so cold, but winter offers a great white backdrop to things you normally don't see (when covered in green).  Light snowy powder provides opportunities to get out for winter sports and even those cloudless intense sub zero days may be enjoyable for some with the right winter clothes and layers.  The winter months are a great time to do some identification as some things are easier to spot such as lichens and tree buds and animal tracks.  I've found that when you are participating in outdoor activities, winter seems to be over before you even realize it!