Wild. Here. has been created out of a desire to get that extra boost that only nature can give us and a curiosity about the wild creatures, plants and spaces around us in the urban environment. Join in on the adventures and exploration of Wild. Here. and discover the hidden untamed corners and urban green gems in your city!

Wild. Here. offers the modern urban explorer inspiration on the what, where, when and how of nature-fying your life.

You yourself know the "why"!

Wild. Here. shares enthralling stories about flora and fauna, opportunities for every season, ideas for being a biophilic adventurer in your own city, "best of" lists and features on specific wild spaces in Canada's capital: Ottawa.  More cities coming in 2019!

Join Wild. Here. and discover the nature in your neighbourhood!

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Photo: V. Glazduri (Instagram, Flickr, 500 px)

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