A Walk Along the Thames River in London Ontario - Part Two

Downtown London Thames River by Viliam Glazduri

This is Part Two of our Spring Walk in London Ontario along the Thames River.  Part One is here!

We really lucked out with the day and the river hadn't flooded as much as the year before when we visited around the same time.  There were so many plants blossoming and lots of tiny details to spot and enjoy.  Lots of geese and ducks and a couple of other fun sightings of wildlife.  Check them out!

Spring Tree Blossoms Urban Nature Observations
-- Some Other Spring Tree Blossoms --

Urban Wildlife Hawk Sighting Wild Here
-- Lucky Enough to Spot an Urban Hawk --

Detail of Urban Hawk London Ontario May 2017
-- Wish I had had some binoculars to see more detail! --

Outdoor Mural Art Installation Jamie Q London Ontario
-- A great urban mural I love visiting each time we are downtown! --

Tiny Spring Flowers in the Grass Southern Ontario Wild Here
-- Tiny Flowers in the Grass --

Squirrel Nibbling on Spring Blossoms Urban Wildlife
-- Fun Seeing this Squirrel Nibbling on Spring Blossoms! --

Veteran Trees in London Ontario
-- Veteran Trees in London Ontario --

Geese Nesting by Thames River photo by Viliam Glazduri
-- Two Geese Nesting - Photo by Viliam Glazduri --

Spring View of Downtown London photo by Viliam Glazduri
-- Great View of Downtown London, Photo by Viliam Glazduri --

Downtown Park in London Ontario Viliam Glazduri
-- I loved this View of the Buildings in the Park, Photo by Viliam Glazduri --

Title image above by Viliam Glazduri also.  We spent an hour or so by the water and had a great time.  There was a small (vernal?) pond here beside the two large trees (shown above in the last photo) and I wish I had brought my boots to get closer to check out what was there!  We are really enjoying exploring other cities (like we did in Vancouver) and happy to bring you along also.  And it's always great to have encounters with wildlife and observe any new characteristics (such as the squirrel nibbling on the buds and blossoms!) Have you done any urban wild exploring lately?  

So next time you find yourself in London, Ontario we recommend that you check out the trails along the Thames River!  There are lots of urban nature spots to explore in this Southern Ontario city!

If you are from London, what urban wild spots do you enjoy the most?

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