The second time that Microgaming has based a game of slots on this creative concept is with Jurassic World movie. After acquiring the movie’s rights in 2015, they published this newly created game in June 2017 to coincide with other fresh releases like Beautiful Bones. Dinosaur fans will line up to play the Jurassic World slots, which have amazing graphics and several species to discover. The Jurassic World video slot is a sequel, not just a plain rehash of the first one. It brings with it a brand-new variety of images in high definition and lots of entertainment.

jurassic world - online casino slots game

Despite the fact that it is evident you are playing a slot machine, you might not realize that these games are the replacement for the traditional monster machines found on casino floors. They function just like any other online game, whether it’s an interactive adventure game or not. You can distinguish the latest generation of slot games from older ones. Playing the old-fashioned slots is enjoyable, but the introduction of the contemporary one-arm bandit definitely tops them all.

Futureproof Play on All Devices

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Naturally, a theme that has been obviously carefully planned to suit both current and future mobile advances comes together with the high-end superb quality graphics, which strike you the instant you launch the game. You will continue to use your iPhone or Android smartphone to play this game for several more iterations and updates. It is also user-friendly for individuals who favour playing on tablets. The game has been fully optimized for mobile devices, making it responsive on mobile devices rather than just mobile-friendly. There is no need to download anything because you can play it instantly online.

Modern Gameplay in a Prehistoric Theme

You’ll hear the money clanking every few spins thanks to the five reels and 243 different chances to win. The 97% RTP serves to support this. Depending on the denomination being used, the game will accept bets between 0.30 and 7.20. It is well-built. There are plenty of free spins, scatter symbols, and stacked wilds in this game, along with all the other gaming features you may expect to find. All of the movie’s characters can be found on the higher-value symbols, while the different dinosaur species can be found on the lower-value symbols. You should play the game if you’ve seen the movie. You’ll want to see the movie when you’ve finished the game.

It is frequently asserted that you should compare a slot game to other games produced by the same software studio before comparing it to ones created by other developers. Jurassic World and Beautiful Bones were both released at the same time and used the same game engine and software architecture. Don’t assume they are the same, though; even identical twins can differ greatly in personality, and the same is true of these two games. You’ll learn that there is some potential for variance with the same return to player % and volatility after playing both games.

Take Time to Work Out the Quirks

You should always play new games for free to get a sense of how they play as well as to compare them to other titles in the same genre. By observing the feedback, you will be able to develop a new betting strategy. Of course, the more you stake and how you divide your bets will influence the result. After determining this, you will play for actual cash. There is no sense of urgency because the jackpots are tier-based rather than progressive, and you’ll be playing this game for days as opposed to the next few hours.


Different Play Strategies

Your strategy for playing this game will depend on the type of gambler you are. An expert and seasoned gambler will jump right in and start playing for real money after figuring out how the various technical relationships function. High rollers will start playing after just a few hours of testing. Casual gamblers, who make up the vast bulk of internet gamblers, will probably want to practise a little initially. Because the game is new, there should be a tonne of conversations and discoveries on online gambling forums, so keep a watch out for tips and hints before returning to play.

After a few spins, you may anticipate becoming hooked. It’s entertaining, makes good use of the film from which it takes its licence, and is a game that most people can identify with. It’s really simple to understand how to play in order to reach the bonuses and additional game elements, and the graphics are amazing. It isn’t much wrong with this new game release, and only time will tell how it compares to the competition, but the signs point to success. Every software developer aspires to make one of the finest games in their genre, and Microgaming has done a terrific job here of making a unique game.