rainy days and gratitude for nature, connections and more!

Mer Blue Bog Summer Photo by Viliam Glazduri
-- Mer Bleue Bog - Photo by Viliam Glazduri --

It's a quiet rainy day in early May.  Am enjoying seeing and hearing all the appreciation for rain and how it nourishes the earth.  Everything has its own time and we do well when we move with the ebbs and flows.  Many things have been going on in the background here at Wild. Here. HQ and I'm looking forward to a more steady rhythm for the blog posts this summer.  I appreciate you sticking with me, during some of these growing pains.

So much gratitude here. xo


We've hooked up with Eva Barrows (writer extraordinaire in California) this year, contributing a guest blog post at each other's blogs.  It was so wonderful for her to reach out and suggest it and it's been a lovely collaboration that grew out of Britt Bravo's Juicy Blogging course (if you are a new blogger - I can't recommend it enough!)  Eva shared with us this amazing site in San Diego, the type of park that gets us excited (here at Wild. Here. headquarters) - one that has been transformed from a type of "brownfield" (per se) and that now offers not only this amazing green space but also a unique experience that can bring delight and joy to each visitor.  Outdoor sculptures are a wonderful addition to any green space and that the ones that Eva explored were kinetic just blew my mind.  I just loved her write-up and that she also shared with us the sound journey experience also.  (And those blue skies!  Can't say enough about those blue skies!)

So this month we were able to share with Eva our love for our own city by highlighting some of the not to be missed natural sites in Canada's capital.  Ones that really can give people a sense of the Canadian landscape and geological experience - from boreal bogs to the Canadian Shield to incredible waterfalls that have such rich historical significance.  You need to visit in person though to really experience it - although we must say that Viliam Glazduri's photos do an amazing job immersing you into the natural features.  Do check out our post on her site:

Scenic Nature Spots are a Must Do When Visiting Ottawa for the 150th Celebrations

And if you are going down to the San Diego area (or are from California) check out her blog for amazing reviews and write-ups of historic places, lovely urban green spots and other natural areas (including the beach!): Eva Barrows BlogBay Area Writer – Local Traveler – World Adventurer


It's been five weeks since we launched our online initiative 52 Weeks of Nearby Nature and the support has been wonderful!  Thank you so much for sharing our initiative with others and being so kind about this new offering!  It's a labour of love and was a spontaneous decision and we are looking forward to exploring how it can help and how we can support others in their efforts to get outdoors.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions are incredibly welcome as we are continually open to inspiration to fine-tune, expand and/or make it into the most useful tool for others.  Currently we are only promoting it on instagram as twitter has such limited text capacity but we are exploring ways to get around that (considering the current resources we have!).

This will really be shaped by the Wild. Here. community and offered as a free resource.  We have been so inspired by the amazing photography online and the incredible #naturelover IG community.  If you haven't yet, join us with the tags: #52WksofNearbyNature #52WksNN and feel free to weave in and out and participate when you can and/or when you are called to do so.  This online initiative is here for you when you need it!


For Earth Day, Wild. Here. launched a list of local volunteer opportunities for those in Ottawa who may want to get out and volunteer to help out nature and/or wildlife.  (Ottawa Nature Volunteer List Here!)  While there are many not for profits who need office help, the opportunity to volunteer AND connect with nature is so valuable and enriching for both the volunteers and the organizations.  If you know of more please share and/or if you've made lists for your own cities, let me know and I'll retweet them!  I have included a few gardening opportunities when they are focused on wildlife-support - whether it's pollinator, birds or other creatures and beautification of the city.  Hopefully this list will grow!  (I've already realized some orgs that I've missed like Eco-Talent, the Duck Club and others - stay tuned!)

Thank you also to the organizations who shared this list including Green Living Ottawa, Ottawa Start, Kind Village and so many others!  We really hope that this will inspire people to volunteer more!  The commitment doesn't have to be BIG to make an impact - even a couple of hours a year is much better than none!

P.S. Mark your calendars as the next big global events for nature and the environment are: International Biological Diversity Day on May 22nd and then World Environment Day in June (on the 5th)!


We're also updated the City page with some of this history of the region and are working on a First Nation's post in terms of honouring those whose land we are living on and whose history we (settlers) need to educate ourselves more about (now complete!).  First Nation's have been the caretakers of these lands for over 8000 years.  This is what we should be celebrating this year and all years!  (Link to Ottawa "The City" page of Wild. Here.)  By the way - speaking about educating ourselves - did you know that Kairos is holding one of the largest Blanket Exercises on Parliament Hill in June?)

And the plan is to create a couple more lists for The City page including Nature - Wildlife events (or other local favourite events where you can enjoy the outdoors) + learning opportunities about nature and wildlife.  Stay Tuned!


When my friend Chris Turnbull told me about her collaboration with CSArt last spring, I was thrilled first to find out about this new type of "membership" for art but also that her Rout/e initiative was being featured.  We had collaborated before when I was working at Petrie Island and planted some poetry there.  She suggested that I help identify some great sites for planting poetry in the city for this Rout/e project and I am very happy to have a small part in this great project!

We'll be going out to plant the poetry this weekend (and possibly even with some of the poets and the CSArt director heself so it's going to be a fun day - even IF it rains!)  So we'll be letting you in on this outdoor poetry nature project once it's planted and you are going to LOVE the poets work!  I got a sneak peak at the actual poems to be planted and they are just delicious.  So incredible!  And what an incredible delight for all who will stumble upon this creative initiative outdoors!  I just love everything about this!

(More reason to always be an outdoor urban explorer also - you never know what you will find!)

And in June Wild. Here. will be collaborating with Capital VĂ©lo Fest and Sustainable Enterprise Alliance on an outdoor activity for the Loving Our Local summer campaign (weekend of June 9 - 11th)  So stay tuned for more on that soon!

And just one more housekeeping thing:

Check out our "Where's the Wild this Weekend?" event list to find out about nature events in your neighbourhood.  This will be updated as time permits and we'll let you know via Twitter when it's been updated!  Big upcoming events include Nature Canada's Bird Day at Brewer Park on May 13th and of course this weekend's Jane's Walks.  And also if you are a big appreciator of the green space out in the west end, we were notified by Nicole Amanda regarding the LRT construction out at Lincoln Fields and how it will impact the green space (and the crabtree/cherry tree orchard) there.  If you want to help them out - reach out via their Facebook page!

Thanks so much for being on this journey with us!!  

It means so much to be able to share our love of "nearby" nature and for myself (the writer aka Katherine) to be connecting with so many urban nature lovers!  Your support means so much!!  And if by writing and blogging and tweeting and sharing great images of nature just helps one more person get inspired to get outdoors and find their own way to connect with nature then we feel blessed to be of service to our community.  

Nature is right there, outside your doorstep!  

Happy wilding!

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